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As a child, the future singer loved to listen to different records, both popular music and classical. On the advice of Boris Eifman Eugene entered the Vaganova School, but after breaking his leg had to leave the dream of becoming a ballerina. At the same time during the illness, she composed her first song on the poems of Robert Burns in the translation S. Marshak. Lubich began taking voice lessons, and in 1998 became the winner of the St. Petersburg Vocal Competition, later toured with the classical repertoire in Finland and Hungary. She also studied at New York's Bard College and at the Smolny College.

In 2006, her song «Ville de France» on poems by Henri de Regnier joined the collection of Nu Lounge, released by Moscow label Nu Note. In the same year she won first place in the competition "Baltic Stars" win a trip to Los Angeles, where the summer of 2007 represented Russia at the World Championship of Performing Arts (en: World Championships of Performing Arts). The Russian Nouvelle Vague concert in April 2008, Lubich gave the group their demos and was subsequently invited to record and tour. Songs «Aussi belle q'une balle» and «Marooned» in her performance included as a bonus track in the expanded edition of the album called Nouvelle Vague "3" (2009). In October 2008, she recorded the aria of Violetta «Addio del passato bei sogni ridenti» from Verdi's "La Traviata" for the project Private Domain. As a backing vocalist she participated in the recording of Nikola Kommana, French artist and photographer, a friend of the founder of the Nouvelle Vague Marc Collin.

The Russian press has paid attention to Lubich in 2009, when she was a part of Nouvelle Vague performed at the festival Nu Note Lounge in Saint Petersburg. May 28, 2010 she performed her own songs at the festival Stereoleto, and 8 and 9 September represented an electric and acoustic program at the festival "Indyushata" held in Moscow. After the release of the mini album Russian Girl in 2010 Lubitsch received three nominations for the prize "Steppenwolf" by winning in the category of "The Voice».

In 2011, Eugene Lubich appeared at festivals "Manor. Jazz, "" Invasion "and" Creation of the World ", where she performed with the" B-2 "song" My rock 'n' roll; she recorded with Malik Alary two songs, one of which was included in the compilation Night and Day Parisian DJ Stefan Pompunyaka. At year-end French label Kwaidan Records was released her debut LP C'est la vie. CD was produced by Marc Collin and other musicians Nouvelle Vague also helped his record. In concert, it joined the famous Russian musicians, among them a former member of the group "Spleen" Stas Berezovsky, bass player Dmitry Turev of Pep-See, Denis Kirillov, who worked among others with Psoy Korolenko.

In 2012, the premiere of the musical performance by Mikhail Kozyrev and Alex Dubas "M. KA D. ", which appears in the role of Lubich muse protagonists and performs his own songs. She twice became the musical guest of the show "Evening Urgant" and in the movie "Gentlemen, good luck!" Sang songs Eugene "Snowstorm" and «Gentlemen of Fortune» in her performance.