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In 1996, the beginning of his creative career in the popular music group "brilliant". At first - as artistic director engaged in choreographing and creating scenic images, and then - vocalist. During the work of Joan group recorded 4 CDs and released three concert programs. He left the band in 2003 due to the desire to start a solo career.

In 2005 he released his debut solo album, "Jeanne." Sound-producer of the album producer, singer and composer Andrei and Sergei Terrible Haruta. On some of the songs from the album were then filmed video clips (among them: "I fly in the dark," "La-la-la," "Somewhere in the summer"). Lady Friske in the group was Olga Orlova, a friendship that bind Jeanne until the end of life. The best and underrated in his career song Frisco, according to critic Boris Barabanov, recorded after departure from the group in 2009, along with Tanya Tereshin, and it was a "Western" on the verses Noize MC.

In 2003 he participated in the reality show "Survivor 4", which reached the finals. Immediately after his return from the island where the shooting took place, Friske said his departure from the group and the beginning of his solo career. In 2005, Jeanne again participated in the reality show "Survivor", this time in the fifth part of it. She participated in the project "Heart of Africa" ​​and "The Empire", "Circus with the Stars", "The Circus". In 2008, he participated in the project "Ice Age 2", which rolled in a pair of first Vitali Novikov, and then Maxim Marinin.

In 2004 came the first film with her participation, adaptation of the science fiction novel by Sergei Lukyanenko, "Night Watch", where Joan played the role of a witch Donnikova Alice, mistress of Zebulun. Most of the scenes with her participation was cut (in particular, a long love scene). In the sequel ("Day Watch") character Friske was given a significant role in the performance of the witch Alice Jeanne graced the posters of the film. In March 2010, he was released in movie rentals - "What do men", where Joan played herself. Frisco performed the lead female role in a detective "Who am I?", Which premiered on November 11, 2010.

I acted for various magazines, including «Maxim», «Top Beauty», «InStyle», «OK!», «Allure» and «Elle». The heroine of gossip, was mentioned in the press as a socialite. The face of advertising campaigns «Orient Watch», yogurt "Activia».

In 2011-2012 Friske was leading the first two seasons of the reality show "Vacation in Mexico" on TV channel MTV, after which it was replaced by Alain Vodonaeva. All creative activity Friske its producers were Andrei Grozny and Andrey Shlikov.