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In September 1978, the walls of rehearsal Palace of Culture. Dzerzhinsky (abandoned the original composition "Earthlings" for creative reasons), remaining at superiors DC operator administrator "Earthlings" Andrew Bol'shev takes his companions musician Vladimir Kiselev (drummer and organizer of the group "April"), with the idea to gather under the untwisted name " Earthlings "other musicians, which also helps guide and DC, who lost at the time of key staff. Initially, the new composition of the group was considered rather a new version of "April", or how-to "small earth". Kiselev with Bolsheva at that time, trying to find his own face and the image of the new group, they change the style of the new "Earthlings" from the pop up desks Soviet rock. However, the group has always played the strongest and most professional musicians, "the St. Petersburg rock", such as Igor Romanov, Boris Aksenov, Yuri Ilchenko, Sergei Vasilyev, Alexander Krivtsov, Ivan Kovalev, Alexander Titov, Valery Brusilovsky, Andrei Kruglov, and many others ...

Vladimir Kiselev reserves the role of the musician-percussionist and completely switched to administrative activities. In October 1980, Romanov and Kiselev invited a group of musician Sergei Skachkov as a keyboard player and one of the vocalists VIA (former "Kakadu", and before that he played in he created the group "April" - the eponymous group Kiseleva, but personally acquainted, they did not have ), formerly vocalist were Igor Dembowski and Viktor Kudryavtsev. Since then, the peculiar tone of voice Skachkova forever determines the characteristic and now familiar "zemlyanovskoe" vocal sound of the band.

Kiselev introduces a group with composer Vladimir Migulya that gives rise to light a number of successful in all aspects of commercial super-hits, who beat all imaginable and unimaginable records of popularity at the time. The team writes songs like "Red Horse", "Karate", "Stuntmen", which immediately become hits all-Union. Later the songs were recorded Vyacheslav Dobrynin and Leonid Derbenyov - "I'm sorry, the Earth," "But life goes on." However, the "hallmark" of the collective was the song "The grass near the house." The total circulation of the plates Unit issued during the Soviet era only by "Melody", amounted to about 15 million copies.

The ensemble has collaborated with composer Mark Fradkin, Vladimir Migulya, Yuri Antonov Vadim Gamaliel Vyacheslav Dobrynin. Subject text "Earthlings" touching and courageous adventure of romance, "male" professions - pilots, athletes, stuntmen, the astronauts. Compared to many of his contemporaries, "Earthlings" features heavier music, energetic feed material, expressive behavior on stage. In fact, "Earthlings" sang rock, but in the official press of the time they tried not to call a rock band.

In October 1985, he left the band frontman and lead guitarist Igor Romanov (later created his own metal band "Union", and still later became the guitarist of "Alice"), with a lure and drummer Valery Brusilovsky. In 1986, Kiselev is trying to radically change the image of the new structure: changing musicians are preparing a new program, stylistically close to the weighted boogie.

Group "Earthlings" photo magazine «Soviet Life» (USA) in October 1984 In September 1987, "Earthlings" won the first prize «For high professionalism" and the special prize "For the best performance of German songs" at the International Music Festival "Schlager - 87" in Dresden (GDR). All the cash prize of 2400 marks the musicians listed in the "Soviet Peace Fund." In December of the same year, "Earthlings" the first of the domestic rock bands made in SC "Olympic" in a joint concert with foreign rock band Uriah Heep.

In August 1988, the group successfully performed at the International Festival in Sopot with the song "Dear People" and "Joy and Sorrow" (music and lyrics by Sergei Skachkov).

In autumn 1988 the founder of the ensemble, Vladimir Kiselyov parted ways with the team and is organizing in Leningrad, his production company, where he began working with a brand new young groups (such as the "St. Petersburg", "Russian", "passenger", "Everest", and others. ). The reins of the "earth" completely pass into the hands of Boris Zosimova (future founder of the "Muz-TV» and «MTV Russia»).

In 1989, then sverhuspeshnyh Russian group "Earthlings" invited for a series of performances in the theater in Paris, the great couturier Pierre Cardin. Statements in the "Theatre of Pierre Cardin" intended by the great master were organized jointly with the participation of stars of the Russian ballet.

Pierre Cardin for expressiveness calls them "Orient Express» (Orient Express - the prototype of the name of the group «Orient X-press», see. Below). The group takes itself a new name "Orient Express", and then acts as, in particular at the festival "Monsters of Rock USSR" (Cherepovets, September 1989). The image of the group changes, the main vocalist became Yuri bugs in such a band plays until the fall of 1992, when again trying to regain its old name - "Earthlings", the team finally breaks down and ceases to exist.

After a short break from 1992 to 1994, a group called "Earthlings" again recreates the singer Sergei Skachkov. It registers the name of "Earthlings" to the Moscow theater song "Music Store". By the fall of 1995 to stabilize composed of: Sergei Skachkov - keyboards, vocals; Yuri Levachev - bass; Gennady Martin - guitar (ex: "Rondo", c. Igor Kupriyanov); Leonid Chaikin - drums (ex: "Joker"); Mikhail Ivanov - keyboards (ex: c. Igor Sarukhanov) and "Earthlings" again begin touring life. "The second round of the Earth" was the name launched a new concert band, with new songs and old hits proven.

In 1996, the updated "Earthlings", together with other artists took part in the election campaign of the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin "Vote or lose».

In October 1996, "Earthlings" confirm ongoing interest on the part of large public recitals at the Moscow Variety Theater.

In October 1997, "Earthlings" give solo concerts in the concert hall "Russia", by this time the drums appeared Vladimir Rozdin (ex: "MONOMAH"). By August 1998 the group comes "metallic" keyboardist Alexander Dronov (ex: "Labyrinth", "Cruise», «END ZONE»), and by the autumn of 1999 appears a new drummer Anatoly Shenderov (ex: «ZOOOM», «master») . Since then, the composition of the "Earthlings" has remained unchanged for a long time, but with the fall of 2001, and Drones Shenderov besides "Earthlings" parallel active in the project "Valkyrie».

In March 2004, Vladimir Kiselyov again offers cooperation Sergey Skachkov, and they join forces for a new take-off group.

In November 2006, "Earthlings" noisily celebrated their 30th anniversary. On the anniversary concert held at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow (07.11.2006), the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg (09.11.2006), in the Moscow Sport and Concert Complex "Luzhniki" (11.11.2006) on the stage with the legendary Russian rockers came known foreign rock musicians of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Animals, Kingdom Come, Supermax, Smokie, Yes, and many others ...