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Zara was born July 26, 1983 in St. Petersburg. She spent her childhood in Armenia, although the roots of the singer go to Iran. Father Zara - Pasha Bimbashievich Mgoian - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, working in the field of mechanical engineering. Mom - Nadi Dzhamalovna Mgoian - dedicated her life to her children. Zara has a younger brother and older sister Roman Liana. Mom always greatly helped his daughter, and in the future become its administrator. Helped solve numerous organizational issues related to the concerts. His father became a major fan of Zara. As the forces helped her financially.

Zara grew docile and friendly girl. At school, she studied at the "Five", was also involved in rhythmic gymnastics and music. School of Music in piano graduated with honors. When the family moved in 1997 to St. Petersburg, Zara went to study at the prestigious school on the Petrograd side. Listen to the opinion of the Pope, the girl was fascinated by the economy, and even went to study in economy class. Dad, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, predicted daughter mathematical future. And though all quickly realized that the economy - it's not what she wants to do Zara, at school she studied with pleasure. Zara was very friendly, she always had a lot of friends. Fans of the young beauty is also missing. However, it is - a serious oriental girl - should not have been hanging out with young people. Comprehensive school future singer finished with a silver medal, while writing a thesis on "Problems of modern Kurdistan." Even then, in the school, as a young girl, she dreamed of a serious future. She wanted to become a professional singer to sing on the big stage. And she would like to go all the way, designed for every woman: get married, have a baby.

After high school, Zara entered the Faculty of Oriental Studies of St. Petersburg State University to study Iranian philology. But just a year later realized that he could not live without music. No matter how trying to overcome itself for the sake of the parents, but could not. Had my father give up the dream of making his daughter philologist. Zara decided to enter the Theatre Academy. She filed documents and successfully passed four rounds. It took several teachers, but eventually granddaughter Andrei Pavlovich Petrov advised her to his master Galina Baryshev. And she was taken immediately to study in the third year. Despite the fact that learning takes a long time she brought Dawn great fun. The girl involved in the musical performances, where fully able to show their vocal abilities. And in May 2003, the Educational Theatre solo concert Zara, all proceeds from which went to the Academy. In the distribution of roles in the graduation performance she got the role of Nastasia Filip in the play "The Idiot".

Sing Zarochka start with almost three years. When six years old she went to rhythmic gymnastics coach told my mother that the girl sings in the classroom, and is parallel to give it back in the music school. And so it happened. To twelve years Zara actively promoted at the music school in the local house of culture, and so on ... until the day the city Otradnoe, in which she was living with her parents, she is not interested in TV people. Among them was Paul Gladkov, who at the time led youth programs on the channel "Petersburg". It was he who decided to show the young singer Petersburg composer Oleg Kvasha. So Zara start serious work, and in the 12 years she released her first single "Heart of Juliet."

And already in 1997, Zara reached the final of TV contest "Morning Star" in Moscow. After that it was invited to various competitions, her supervisor became Mahmut Esambaev who helped her in everything. Together with other members of the "Morning Star" Zara went to Egypt at the festival "Let the children laugh." Young beauty oriental appearance with a surprisingly pleasant voice immediately fascinated Egyptians. Zara took Grand Prix. Cairo after she was invited to speak before an audience of Port Said. And then the competition in Varna, and again Victory!

In 1998, Zara took the grand prize "Hope Siberia" in Omsk and open competition of the new children's song "Birthday" in St. Petersburg. But the turning point in the career of the singer became the festival "Hit-98", where she won the Grand Prix. It was a real challenge. Before that Zara participated only in children's and youth competitions, but here, at age fourteen, she had to compete with adults, valid for a long time artists. On the first day of the competition, she sang a song from "Titanic" in Russian, and the second - a beautiful composition "on women" on poems of Marina Tsvetaeva. Here's what he wrote about her victory in the press: "Certainly the opening of the festival" Hit-98 "was 14-year-old (!), Singer Zara from Otradnoe Leningrad region. The rich vocal, dramatic appearance, artistry and dramatic performance brought the young singer straight to the Grand -When. We the jury, chaired by the composer Andrei Petrov and singer Eduard Khil about Zara's no doubt about it. "Also, two years in a row at the "Hope of Europe" in Sochi Zara received the diploma of the winner of the first degree and the Grand Prix.

1999. In Sochi National Music Award "Ovation" is holding a contest of popular music "Voices-99." Zara was awarded a diploma of I degree, but the best reward for the young singer became the "People's Choice Award." In its 15 years, Zara has also become the youngest participant of the gala concert "Spring Romance" in the Concert Hall "October" in St. Petersburg. In November 1999, she was awarded in science and culture of St. Petersburg "Star Prometheus", founded by Academician Dmitry Likhachev. Finally, Zara began to cooperate with the fashionable St. Petersburg writer and arranger Vlad Zhukov. By the time Zhukov successfully produced his own works in Germany and is constantly loaded with orders from Moscow. Therefore, all other success this union.

In 2000 the casino "Olympia" was the debut concert Club Zara. The reason for the press conference and a great solo concert singer, among other things, serve, and access to the "KDK-Records" Zara's debut album "The Heart of Juliet", which has absorbed the songs written and performed by the girl in the period from 1996 to 1999. Then a solo concert Zara in St. Petersburg theater stage. December 20, 2000 in the Concert Hall "October" was a big anniversary concert Asadullina Alberta, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first staging of the rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice". At the concert was the premiere of a new, modern version of the rock opera, staged with the participation of popular performers. Zara in the evening played the role of Eurydice. Summarizing the results of 2000, the newspaper "St. Petersburg Courier" published a list in which the "Discovery of the Year" has been recognized by 17-year-old singer Zara.

In 2001, the Coordinating Council of the creative unions and Academy of Public Relations Dawn handed a diploma certifying that the singer Zara was awarded the "Hope of Russia" for victory in international competitions and festivals singers in 1998-2000.

March 29, 2002 Zara gives his first solo concert in the Concert Hall "October", accompanied by the Governor's Symphonic Orchestra conducted by People's Artist of Russia Stanislav Gorkovenko. The entire repertoire for the concert Zara chose herself, and all the songs are performed exclusively live. At the concert Zara sang their favorite songs: three young Petersburg romance author Olga Fadeyeva - "Restrictions", "Do not tell me about it," "In the dark before your eyes"; Several ethnic songs; Two songs from the repertoire of Ofra Haza, beautiful ballad "I'm sorry" and "Eternal Love" from the legacy of Charles Aznavour. Several new dance tracks from the series, recorded with Vlad Zhukov; and 60 hits - 70-ies. In the same year, Zara won "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Color of Night".

In November 2003, held another solo concert in the Concert Hall "October" .On this time Zara has performed with Symphony Orchestra under Alexander Sladkovsky. There were a lot of new songs, including a duet with Sergey Rogozhin, ethnic songs in Armenian and Yemeni languages romances.

In 2004, Zara, the third recital in the Concert Hall "October", as well as the presentation of her solo album, "Do not leave me alone."

April 24, 2004 Zara married Sergey Matvienko - Vice President of the Bank "Saint Petersburg", the son of the governor of St. Petersburg. On the eve of the Kazan Cathedral of the wedding, which Zara was baptized in the Orthodox faith in one of the small churches on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. At baptism she received the name of Zlata. Registration of marriage took place in St. Petersburg's Palace of Marriages on the Promenade des Anglais. However, their marriage did not last long, and in early 2006 they divorced.

In addition to the career of singer Zara interested in cinema. She starred in several films and television series.

In 2002, she starred in the television series "On behalf of the Baron," directed by Dmitry Svetozarova. Zara also starred in the short film "Demon" and "Theseus" (2003 and 2005, respectively). Director - Irina Yevteyeva. "Demon" - animation and live-action film, in which Zara has played the role of Queen Tamara. In the "Theseus" Zara performed the role of Ariadne. In the series, "The Count of Tabor" (2004), loosely based on the works of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo ", Zara played the role of companion graph Gayane Armenian women. The plot of the famous novel moved today. Director Dmitry Svetozarov. In the series "Special Forces in Russian 2" (2004) Zara played the role of a journalist, an employee of the FSB Karina Mavrina. Director: Stas Mar. Partner in the film was Dmitry Nagiyev. Zara played a cameo role in the TV series "The Streets of broken lamps." In 2006, the screens released film "The Life and Death Lyonka Panteleyev" where the singer played the lead female role.

Shooting a movie, recitals - all this, of course, delighted Zara, but she wanted more. She wanted not only his native St. Petersburg, but the whole country knew about the singer Dawn. In so doing, it could help the well-known project of the first channel "Star Factory". After much thought, she decided to take part in the qualifying competition, but the project manager Alla Pugacheva not take it. Zara was very upset, but decided on another attempt. And in 2006, Victor Drobysh - music producer of "American Idol 6" - took her to the project. Zara on the project reached the finals, and eventually finished third. It was a success. Zarina songs were rotated on the radio, it was invited to concerts and recording TV shows, and even a few months had a video for the new song "Winter storm." In April 2007, a landmark event. Released solo album "I'm not the one!" The presentation of the album took place in St. Petersburg on a solo concert in the Concert Hall "October" with the full house.