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Savicheva Yulia S. (February 14, 1987). Childhood and adolescence: Julia Savicheva was born on February 14, 1987 in the city of Kurgan, a family of musicians. With 5 years Julia has performed soloist in the choreographic collective "Firefly." Her first performance was held at 4 years old when she came in Kurgan on stage with a rock band, "Convoy" Max Fadeev, where her father worked as a drummer Stanislav Borisovich Savitchev. Later, a team in which her father worked, was invited to Moscow in 1994 Savicheva family moved to live in the capital.

Mother Julia Savicheva taught dance lessons in DK MAI, which later little Julia starred in the New Year's performances and got along with older actors his first paycheck. The seven-year child she combined rehearsal in the theater studies at the school, classes in choreographic collective "Crane". At the suggestion of L. Azadanovoy, teacher of ballroom dancing, she goes to her team. Together with a partner, they become twice champion of Moscow in its class. Directed Poleyko RA Julia made an offer to play a major role in the New Year performances of Christ the Savior. The following year, she again invited to participate in 40 performances, where she played a major role rol- "drifting" .Then it saw the singer Linda. Savicheva can be seen in videos of Linda "Marijuana" and "Do it." In the second song Julia also read the introductory text. In 8 years, Julia has worked with Linda on the children's backing vocals.

Star Factory (2003) In 2003, Julia began a new phase in the creative life - it becomes a party to the TV project "Factory of Stars 2" led countryman Savicheva - Kurgan Maksim Aleksandrovich Fadeev. Julia goes through all the stages of the project and into the top five finalists. Julia does not take first place, but after the TV project her career was quite successful - her songs "Ships" and "High" sung during the project, and the subsequent song "Forgive for Love" are very popular among the people, and it brings Julia popularity and the first admirers of her work. With the song "High" for the first time it gets to the final of the festival "Song of the Year 2003". Later this song was withdrawn debut video.

Start a solo career and debut album "High" (2004-2005) The year 2004 was for Yulia Savicheva launch an international platform - first Julia took part in the competition World Best, where she represented Russia and won the 8th place, and in May 2004 became the representative of Russia at the "Eurovision 2004" in Turkey with the English-language song «Believe me» («Believe me"). Yulia ranks 11th. This was a powerful incentive for further creativity. After Eurovision Yulia started a tour of Russia under the name "Hurricane in your town!". She has traveled many cities of Russia, and she got a lot of fans not only in big cities but also in provincial. 29 March 2005 Yulia releases debut album "high" under the label "Monolith". It includes 11 kompozitsiy- different in mood, style and rhythm. On one of the songs on the album, "Stop" - Julia shot a video.

Already in autumn 2005 Julia released a song "If you live in the heart of love" -sauntrek series "not born beautiful." Immediately after the release of the song, she got into hits Russian Radio "Golden Gramophone", which almost immediately received a gold award. Soon came the clip on this song.

Parallel to this, Julia toured the countries of the CIS. The result is a maxi-single "If love lives in the heart," which included the same song, and "live" version of the album's songs "High". And under the most recent year in the same series, the premiere of a new song Savicheva - "How are you?", For which Julia subsequently won the "Golden Gramophone".

2006-2007: The album "Magnet"

In April 2006, Julia has introduced a new song - "Hello", followed by the second album "Magnet", released in June 2006. Most of the songs written for Julia Anastasia Maximova. The album was very well received by both audiences and critics alike and has become one of the best sellers in 2006. The single "Hello" has become one of the biggest radio hits in the history of Russian radio charts, stayed on the first 10 weeks. Julia continued to produce videoklipyi to tour.

September 21, 2006 Julia won the ceremony, MTV Russia Music Awards 2006 in the category "Performer of the Year". In December of the same year, Julia Savicheva was awarded the TV Festival "New songs about the main" - her song "Hello" was recognized as the best in the past year.

In 2007 he released the single "none", which became another hit from Julia Savicheva, who got to the final of "Song of the Year."

2008-2010: The third album "Origami"

February 14th, 2008, in his 21 th birthday, Julia presented the new album "Origami". The album contains 10 new songs and one remix. From the first day sales of the album has gained popularity among listeners. The songs "Winter", "Love-Moscow" and "nuclear explosion" came in all sorts of charts and occupied high positions. This year Julia made her debut as an author, writing lyrics to two songs from the album "Origami" - "above the stars" and "The Day After Tomorrow."

March 3 was a new youth musical "first love is such a music !, which starred Julia. Production musical STS engaged in an alliance with American producer Barry Rosenbusch (High School Musical, «Scary Movie 2").

In the new TV season 2008 Julia became a member of the project "Russia" channel - "Star ice", where her partner in figure skating has become champion of France Jerome Blanchard. At the gala show a couple Julia and Jerome received a special prize from Alla Pugacheva.

March 5, 2009 in rolling out the film "First Love" with Julia in the title role. In the spring of the same year, Julia began to participate in a new dance project "Dancing with the Stars." It dances on the floor, and Julia, as all childhood was dancing, with the first program took the leading position. In June 2009, Julia Savicheva and his partner Evgeny Papunaishvili won on the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" .In December the single "Goodbye, Love", written by Julia, won "Song of the Year 2009".

At the end of February 2010, in a duet with the band T9 was a presentation video for the song "Ships". In recognition of music lovers, it was the best video clip for the entire musical career of Julia Savicheva.

At the end of May 2010 Julia presented to the audience his new track "Moscow-Vladivostok", authored by Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina. This song is different from the previous songs Yulia its new, popular nowadays "e" sound. Soon the song "Moscow-Vladivostok" appeared on the screen as the video, which has helped it to become a hit of the summer of 2010 Russian and as result- leading position in the charts in the country.

In November 2010, Julie presented to the audience his new work titled "Tell me what love is." The track continued to dance direction in the work of the singer and became a kind of continuation of the song "Moscow-Vladivostok".

2011-2013: The album "Heartbeat."

In February 2011, a musical television channels appeared Yulia clip for the song "Tell me what love is." In March, together with Yulia Dzhigan rapper released the single "Let go", which immediately fell in love with the fans and listeners, and on March 20 at the channel ELLO the premiere of the movie. The video gained popularity in the vast Interneta- just a few months he had collected 1 million views on Youtube and the resource has become one of the leading Russian music videos. Teamwork and Julia Dzhigan borne fruit. 4 weeks the song occupied the 1st place of the charts of the main countries on Russian radio. In March, the premiere of a new song "Julia", and in June released the clip for the song. Together with Joseph Kobzon has recorded the soundtrack for the film "The Unequal Marriage".

In 2012, Julia took part in the project "Russia" channel "Battle of Choirs", working with a team of Volgograd. And later, in 2013, Yulia Savicheva, took part in the project "as is" on the First Channel. At the end of May 26, 2013 won second place, losing the championship Alexey Chumakov.

2014-2015: The album "Private ..."

January 1, 2014, the premiere of the new single Savichevoj called the "Bride", sponsored by the track made by Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina. In September of the same year, together with Julia Savicheva Dzhiganom recorded a second duet, and participated in the shooting of the video for the song "Love nothing else." October 23 Julia was married to composer Alexander Arshinova with which it is associated long-term relationships.

In November Savicheva presents a new studio album called "Private ...". The album consists of six lyrical ballads, the author of the words and the music made the actress's husband - Alexander Arshinov, as well as the album includes poems authorship Julia Savicheva.

Now Julia is working on new songs, interesting duets and clips to please his many fans.