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Yulia's musical abilities mom and grandmother noticed in childhood. Mom wanted her daughter to play the piano, however, Dad gave the girl to the sport. Since 6 years, Julia professionally engaged in tennis, practicing for many hours a day, speaking at Russian and international competitions (Europe, USA), where she was successful and beat many now famous tennis players. Big sport in many ways shaped the nature of Julia and brought up in her such qualities as perseverance, diligence, patience and lack of fear of difficulties. At the age of 14, Julia realized that the real thing about her life was music and she enrolled herself on vocal lessons. And from childhood the formed musical taste helped to find its direction.

In search of "her" style Julia managed to work with many Russian and foreign producers and composers, for example, with Anders Bagge (worked with world stars - Celine Dion, Madonna, J Lo, Enrique Iglesias, etc.) - along with it was recorded Several English-language songs, and also engaged in an author's project in the style of pop-rock in Russia.

Her style is high-quality pop music with a focus on Western standards. "Music with depth and meaning, which inspires and brings kindness, makes people better" - explains the singer herself.

Today the project of Julia Rainer is a close-knit team of professionals united by one idea. In February, the first video for the song "Stronger than You" was filmed in Normandy, which is expected in rotation on federal and regional radio stations and music channels.

Participated in the show "Voice-4".

On the sign of the zodiac Julia scorpion. By nature - a perfectionist, she is rarely satisfied with the result of her work, perhaps this quality in tandem with persistence and diligence makes her move forward. Yulia devotes her free time to reading, visiting the theater, meeting with friends. Always striving to learn new and take from life a maximum, therefore one of Yulia's favorite hobbies is traveling of any kind - from exotic and beach to active and cognitive. Well, and of course, the sport, without which Yulia can hardly imagine her life - running, skiing, outdoor training and tennis - all this is an integral part of her life.

With her creativity, Julia would like not only to touch the hearts of her listeners, but also to influence the development of musical culture in the country as a whole.