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Ian Marty was born in 1970 in Arkhangelsk. Father Ian Martin - the son of an Italian musician who moved to Russia, a virtuoso accordionist, leader of the musical collective. My mother - a professional singer, the winner of many music competitions, a gypsy. Sam Yang positions itself as an Italian and a Russian gypsy blood.

In 1973 the family moved to the village of Yana Botovo Cherepovets district of the Vologda region. Actively engaged in creative activities, parents often take the child with him on tour. From an early age manifested musical talent of the future artist. When Jan 6 years old, his father gives him a guitar playing technique where the boy begins to learn on their own, surprising talent of professional musicians. Because of his passion for music Yan masters and other musical instruments. After a while he was a brilliantly plays the piano, accordion, accordion, bass, brass and percussion instruments.

After school, Ian enters the Cherepovets Musical College. As a student in the class of the national department of accordion, it additionally takes singing lessons. Colorful velvet timbre of his voice immediately attracted the attention of professionals and students. In 1989, Yang recorded his first music album and immediately received an invitation to the Palace of Culture "Metallurgist", JSC "Severstal" as a pop artist. A year later, the talented singer is interested in Vologda State Philharmonic, which concludes with a labor agreement and has been organizing his solo tour.

In 1992, Yang became the winner of the competition "Yalta-Moscow-Transit" and continued touring. In those years, the singer has performed under the name Martynov. In 1997 the company «RMG Records» Ian offers to sign a contract to release a solo album, "The wind of love." The song "Helen", written Cherepovets bard Sergei Akhutina from this album became an instant hit and for several years the hallmark of the artist. Write about this different editions, the song heard on many radio stations. The newspaper "Arguments and Facts" includes the composition of the five most brilliant songs of the year. Renowned director Vladislav Opelyants removes the studio "Mosfilm" clip on sensational song.

In the same year, Yang moved to Moscow, where he continued to improve his mastery and vocal studies at the Russian Academy of Music (RAM) at the Gnesin outstanding teacher Margarita Josephovna Landa, who immediately noted the extraordinary vocal singer and a unique tone of voice. In 2000, Constantin Arsene Misailov Andrew and Ian Marty recorded the album "Heart on the line." On the work of Jan and Marty song from the album, entitled "From then" draws the attention of Alla Pugacheva and personally puts it in heavy rotation on the radio station "Radio Alla».

In summer 2001, the song goes, "The Arabs," but after the terrorist attacks in New York, the song was removed from the ether as politically incorrect. Soon, the singer went to Italy, where he lived for several years, doing business. There he regained the name of Marty.

In 2005, in the framework of the Presidential Program on education of youth Yang Marty opens in the city of Cherepovets, non-governmental educational musical institution in which it conducts classes and workshops on vocal. Along with teaching activities, he continues to perform solo concerts.

In September 2010, in the fate of Jan Marty takes a landmark meeting, giving a new impetus to his career. Fifteen months Alexander Korneev Sergei bloodless and the actor doing a great job. Written 20 new songs in collaboration with famous Russian sound producer Vladimir Orlov and Dmitry Kohno, tone studio "Soyuz" favors the establishment of arrangements for them, formed a new ensemble, and December 5, 2011 in Moscow, "Crocus City Hall" is held sold-out concert singer "visa to the country of love." Songs from the new program have attracted the attention of millions of listeners.

In spring 2012 the actor takes part in the Jubilee concert dedicated to the memory of Michael Krug in the concert hall "Russia" and starred in the video for one of his most popular songs, "I love you", which is included in the active rotation on many radio stations in Russian.
< br> In autumn 2012 Jan Marty presents a new song, "She is beautiful" festival "Eh, Razguliay!" In SC "Olympic" and JCC "Ice Palace" (St. Petersburg).

February 14th, 2013 Ian Marti released another solo album "15 faces of love." On 6 April was awarded "Chanson of the Year".

June 9, 2013 Jan and Marty Elena Vaenga presented duet track.