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Founder of the group and the author of all the songs Voloshchuk Sergey - not a professional musician, but a musician by vocation. Music is always present in his life. And his whole life - a real rock 'n' roll. Having started his adult life in the gold-digger Seleindzinski mines, then served three years on the ships of the Navy in Kamchatka, he became a professional boxer and fought for years and won at various tournaments, having in the ring more than two hundred official fights. At the same time in parallel studying at the university for hydraulic engineer. After graduating with honors, Sergei abruptly changes his life, became a graduate student of the Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation and protects the first master's and then a doctoral thesis.

So rich, painted in the years ahead vital program, always leave the place work. Great experience and an excellent education brought music and lyrics by Sergei Voloshchuk at a very high level. Incredible demands on themselves, to the musicians, arrangers and sound engineers did nevozmozhnoe- sound of the band "Voloshchuk SD" is appreciated by many connoisseurs of rock music the most perfect score.