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Vladislav Ramm's first performance on television took place on September 13, 2014 as part of the casting of the show "I Want to Meladze." November 22, 2014 Vladislav was named the winner of the project and a member of the group "MBAND".

As part of the band, Vladislav became the owner of many music awards and prizes, including: Kids' Choice Awards, Fashion People Awards, MTV Europe Awards (Best Russian Artist).

The actor made his debut in the cinema, having played one of the main roles in the full-length comedy "All the Fix."
November 12, 2015 Vladislav Ramm announced his decision to become an independent solo artist. He thanked the producer and his team, wished the group development and new victories. In an interview with Muz-TV, the artist admitted that he plans to continue his musical career without a producer. According to producer Konstantin Meladze, Vladislav was suspended because of his incompetence, besides the artist can not lead a solo career because of the contract signed before 2021.

December 25, 2016 the singer presented his solo album "# Pervy" at the closed premiere. On January 19, 2017, the pre-order of the album was announced and the song "Influence" in iTunes and Google Play was presented. On the first day, "Influence" hit the iTunes top charts. On January 20, the official release of the album took place. On the first day of sales, the album topped the iTunes top chart, and in a few days the Google Play top chart.

In April, the song "Enough of the Spirit" was released together with Nikolai Baturin, and at the end of May a clip was produced by Alexei Golubev. From this moment, Vladislav begins to cooperate with Yana Rudkovskaya. And on September 1 Vladislav, together with Nikolai Baturin, presents the song "Neither I, nor You". On November 16, a clip for the song was released, again shot by Alexei Golubev. In early December, Dima Bilan released the album "Egoist", which included the songs "Egoist" and "Breathe" written by Vladislav.

Now Vladislav is preparing for the premiere of 2 solo albums.