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Victor Saltykov


In 1977-1979 he served in the Soviet Army, he served in the German Democratic Republic (Group of Soviet Forces in Germany), was a signalman. During the service, he played and sang in an army band. After the army entered the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, graduating in 1985 with a degree in "Electrical Engineer". There he met future party "Alice" Andrei Shatalin and became a member of his group "Demokritov well." In 1983, Victor made a part of the rock band "Manufactory" in the first Leningrad Rock Festival and won the Grand Prix of the festival as the best singer.

The second festival of its LRC said Alexander Nazarov and invited to perform in the "Forum". It is with the "Forum" Victor performed his most famous songs ("White Night", "Let's call each other", "island"). In 1987, Victor went to work in a group "Electroclub". Since 1990, Saltykov engaged in solo career. During his solo career, released four albums (not counting editions of old songs in various compilations "Best Song», «Star Hit», «Evening», «Star Collection», etc.). Twice he participated in the program "Musical Ring": in 1986 with the group "Forum" in 1999 against his former wife Irina Saltykov.

Currently, Victor Saltykov takes part in various television programs, concerts, goes on tour around the country.