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Valeriya is a Russian superstar with record sales of 100 mln, 15 albums. 20 #1 hits and numerous awards. Her single “Chasiki”(“Clock”) topped Russia’s charts for 15 whole weeks. Her every release is a hit, her every concert is a sell-out. Valeriya was born in a small provincial town Atkarsk in a family of hereditary musicians. Her father was a conductor of the town’s brass orchestra and also the principal at a local music school where Valeriya’s mother up to these days works as a piano teacher. Even being a little girl Valeriya already knew she would follow her parents’ footsteps. Valeriya graduated from Russia’s most prestigious music university “Gnessin Academy of Music”.

Shortly after that her star rapidly rose to the point where she became one of the most popular singers in Russia and former Soviet countries. In 2002 Valeriya disappeared from stage due to a domestic violence scandal with her second husband, but her career only boosted with a new force when she returned after 2 years of self-exile. In 2008 Valeriya set her sights on the UK and recorded and album in collaboration with top professionals of the industry among whom were Ray St.John, David Richards, Chantal Kreviazuk, Simon Gogerley. The album also featured a cover version of the BeeGee’s top hit “Staying Alive” recorded in duet with legendary Robin Gibb. After a release in the UK Valeriya’s single “The party’s over” raised up to the 2nd line of Billboard club charts. Following this success Valeriya was invited by Simply Red to be a guest star at their concerts during the UK tour that included 2 sold-out shows at the huge O2 Arena in London. Valeriya was given shows all over the world. She performed in the USA, in the UK, had multiple tours across Europe (including a concert at the famous Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin) and was even invited to perform in several African countries.

One of her recent major shows was accompanied by the Russian National Orchestra(the first Russian orchestra to ever win a Grammy award). A successful singer of three, Valeriya has always been giving a lot of time and effort to resolving social problems. In 2008 she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for her contribution to fighting modem slavery. On her way back home from one of the IOM conferences Valeriya wrote a song dedicated to the human trafficking issue. It would be a great honor for Valeriya to perform at such a legendary venue as the Royal Albert Hall. It is planned that her youngest son Arseniy who by his 15 years has already prestigious international awards as a pianist would also take part in the concert.