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Kolya Sergei Born March 23, 1989 in Cherkassy, but later moved with his parents to Odessa, where he lives today. At school, a guy showed creative activities, and in 2006 he entered the Odessa State Environmental University on a specialty manager of Personnel Management. By specialty Kohl - Manager HR. Has experience in the private enterprise (DVD-ROM).

The desire to bring joy to people inspired him to play KVN. Became the first team to "laugh-out", which consisted of four people. But realizing that can do more, Nick set up his own team "and many others", where he plays one. Over time, came to him in popularity, and he won the First Ukrainian League.

At nineteen, Nicholas went to conquer Moscow. Under the pseudonym "Coach Nick" he became a member of the comic TV show "Laugh without rules." By participating in this project, Kolya Serga opened vocal abilities: sing funny songs on guitar. First Nikolai reworked known compositions, but soon began to write lyrics and music itself.

In 2010, Kolya took third place in the Ukrainian show "Star Factory-3". On the project Sergey came without serious intentions, but struck the jury and spectators the ability to improvise. Konstantin Meladze said that in the future, Nikolai can be a great composer. In June 2011, Kolya Serga with Masha Sobko represented Ukraine at the international festival "New Wave" in Jurmala. From the first days of Nicholas shocked the audience in the hall "Dzintari". Kolya Serga became a bright character, but ranked only 8th place.

In 2014, Kolya Sergey has decided to try his hand in his new role: learn about the casting of the leading program "Heads and Tails. At World's End (Season 8), "Kohl their confidence and persistence persuaded the producers that he - the best candidate for this role. And this is no doubt true.

His co-host from Odessa became Regina Todorenko. And when the transfer of the two leading - Odessa people, brilliant humor, enthusiasm, unpredictability guaranteed. Having arrived in the country on the weekend, leading coin toss. As a result, someone gets a gold card with an unlimited supply of funds, and the other only one hundred dollars.

Believes that the point of view of an ideal tourist can be considered the country where there are beautiful girls, the charisma of the city and unusual entertainment: great food, surfing and more.