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When little Tanya was born, her mother was only 17 years old, and four years later there was a sister Tanya Vick. All this friendly family lived in a dorm and that would be to move to a separate apartment at the time when the kids grow up, parents had to work. After kindergarten Tanya entered the Ukrainian school №73. The school was a good student, involved in extracurricular activities and was an activist.

Training has been a favorite subject. Probably because with the four - years old my mother gave Tanya to figure skating, which she has devoted six years. And when it came time to choose ride in pairs or be lone parents decided to take her daughter and move to a regular school. Training starts early in the morning before school, so the kids slept in the classroom. In this regard, Tanin mom and decided that it will be necessary to leave the rink.

Tanya was very lively and enthusiastic child. Went to the gym, the swimming section also sang in the children's ensemble "Sun" (this group was involved in the transfer of "Merry Notes", "Clock" and "Morning Mail" on Channel Central Television). After Kiev was the chorus radio and television. In parallel, she studied at the School of Music in piano graduated from it with distinction and honors.

After high school, despite the fact that my mother saw in her teacher, Tanya goes to the college of hotel management while he was alone in the union. After graduation, Tatjana distribution got in Kiev hotel "Bratislava" as an administrator with a salary of 99 rubles. Because of traction for travel, I want to go to work on a passenger cruise ship "Admiral Nakhimov", shipwrecked in the Novorossiysk Bay August 31, 1986, but somehow miraculously parents dissuaded Tanya and she returned to the hotel.

There she worked quite a long time. During the tour, "Mirage" in Kiev, the group stopped at the hotel "Bratislava". Acquainted with her favorite, she offered him a place at keyboards in the band. He was involved in the music and went to Moscow to earn money. Tanya and Slava were planning to get married, have the wedding date was set (to play smoothly on the day of her birth 22 October). There have already been bought by the ring, the groom's suit, but on the wedding dress was not enough money. Tatiana waited, but not for a long time and waited a month went after him.

At that time, the team has been a soloist Natalia Vetlickaya, she also encouraged her to quit her job at the hotel and go to a costume designer in "Mirage". The offer was so tempting that Tatiana heart trembled. It is within 24 hours quit her job, writing some sentimental story, and the management of the hotel has gone to meet her. So Ovsiyenko was in Moscow. Soon Vetlickaya of "Mirage" was gone and in its place try Ovsiyenko. And off we went. Concerts, shooting tour. Tanya loses weight by 18 kilograms, completely changes the image and becomes the face of the "Mirage". This gave the start time in the future a great solo.

The huge success and brought her national popularity of the song "Music has connected us" and "Where are you my new hero." In 1989, the singer was recognized as the opening of the festival "Song of the Year", as the youngest participant and charming. Tanya immediately attracted the attention of the audience with songs that sing the whole country. With their programs, she traveled all over the country and has given more than two thousand concerts. In 1989, an edition of a hundred thousand copies published album "Music has connected us." And since 1989, Tatiana - the winner of the annual Russian Festival "Song of the Year".

The heaviest blow of fate caught up with Tanya in 1989, just on the way to a concert. To move from the area in the "Olympic" in DC "Metrostroy." Hurry up, the driver has violated the rules. When Tanya awoke - saw the audience instead of worrying faces bustling people. The doctors said, 'do not go soon, and maybe did not get up. " Later, Tanya decided to "Stand up on your feet, in that no matter what!". Before going on stage she hung on someone's neck, and in the dark until the flashing lights, it quickly seated on a chair, hid her legs very memorable Now sheepskin, and Tanya sitting "worked" concert.

The work of Tatiana in this team lasted only two years, but Tanya remembered - and unfortunately all the dirt on all the known reasons resulted solely on her, as the group was dominated by orders of its creator, and all the participants from the member states had to reckon with them. It is more difficult for Tanya had to start a solo career.

Since 1991, Tanya successfully went to a single voyage on the waves of the national stage with his band, "Voyage". Here it is necessary to talk about the most important thing, about her husband and producer Tanya - Vladimir Dubovitskaya (famous producer and one of the founders of the company "ARS"). They met when Tanya still working at the hotel. Dubovitsky stopped there while touring with a group "Electroclub". Then he was director of the group, and the husband of Irina Allegrova. Vladimir caught a cold on the way, and the girl Tanya took his treat. I cure and ... goodbye. Then they met when Tanya was already a soloist of "Mirage". I began an affair, and love is no longer rasstavalis.18 December 1993 they were married.

With Dubovitskij and its director Igor Arkhipov, composer Viktor Chaika and poet Larysa Rubalskoy Tanya released his first solo album, "Beautiful Girl" which you can find in the "Discography", it was also released a video for the duet song of Tanya with Victor "This sad word love. " Following were the hits "Pretty Girl", "Remember me young and beautiful," "Natasha", "broken branches." Hits confirmed the status of Tatiana as hyper-popular singer, and enabled her to continue her musical career despite some misunderstanding accustomed to another voice. But since 1991, beginning with the first song "Voyage of Love", everything was exceptionally creative Ovsiyenko its merit, the merit of its authors, and her "flair to the hits".

The second album "Captain" was released in 1993 on vinyl and then on audio cassettes, and sounded in the same style as the first. Zaudaly "Captain" won all the discos and sounded from each tent. The album includes several songs from "Beautiful Girls" music video for the title track is the first places in all charts. And that was just the beginning. Tatiana carefully selects the repertoire, choosing a real, honest songs that are close to her at this time of life. In the early nineties the authors wrote such songs were Viktor Chaika, Simon Osiashvili Larisa Rubalskaya Mikhail Kulakov, Igor Chernik. The song "Captain" sings the whole country, as the album is worth noting a very unusual song "Honey, I lit a cigarette," and "I'm not going to guess." Filmed three videos on "Captain", "Grisha" and "Just do not Mourners".

In 1994 the album "Do not judge." The most rampant sexuality 90s Tanya dramatically changing the image, and from the very vigorous sexual beauty becomes "his girl" with the same girlish councils in the songs, the search for the groom and the recognition that it is not only a pop star. The main hit album, "Do not judge ..." was the song "Let's Osawa everything as it is." The video for this song Tania appears in a new image with a short haircut and tattoos (at that time the time). Also in 1994, in the hall "Russia" were the first sold out solo concerts in Moscow. The concert program called "Tatyana's Day", and was later released on video cassettes. Filmed two video clips for the songs "Frost" and "Let's leave it at that", as well as in the TV version of the song "What's the matter?" "Bird-sadness", "one by one to you," and "Do not judge".
< br> Very often Tatyana participates in competitions and festivals as a jury member and guest of honor: "Morning Star", "Slavic Bazaar", "Yalta - Moscow - Transit", "Voice of Asia". Tanya has always been involved in the creative evenings David Tukhmanov Arcadia Ukupnik, Simon Osiashvili, Larissa Rubalskoy, Lev Leshchenko, Gazmanov Oleg, Viktor Chaika, Claudia Shulzhenko and others. Participates in programs of federal significance "Christmas meetings", "christmas lights", a concert devoted to "Day of Defender of the Fatherland"

And in 1995 no one is unknown authors Igor Zubkov Konstantin Arsenyev bring Tatiana bright, kind, sincere songs - potential hits. All the songs are so popular with Tanya that every one she had written. Thus was born the album "be in love" with the song which became the main business card of the singer. "Women's Happiness", "trucker", "school time", "to be in love," "Evening" everyone knows who speak Russian. These songs are timeless and still can be heard on many radio stations. These songs and videos were taken. And audio and video the whole year held on the first lines in the Russian charts. Image of Tanya again-suffering significant changes. This time, "his girl" became simply "his board guy"! Songs that were singing and singing in the courts, under which fall in love and live happily ever after.

1997 audio cassette with a new creation Tatiana Ovsiyenko "For Pink Sea" went on sale, making his debut in the top ten of our "Russian charts," getting to first place in just a week. For almost a year, "the pink sea" remained the sales leader. The idea of ​​the album came from the singer and composer Igor Zubkov, who wrote songs for her previous album, "It is necessary to love." The author of the text was the Moscow poet Constantine Arseny. "We discussed everything together, pick a song, and from July of last year started to work - says Tanya. - I had a feeling that the album will be the best, and it seems to be confirmed ". According to estimates of the singer, the work went on as many as 189 days.

Musicians worked in the studio of "Salam" (Tver). The recording process takes Tver sound engineer Valery Demyanov. "A rare man, a true professional - says Tanya about it. - All day and night, he was with us. He has a talent from God! ". Generally, work is left in the soul singer's most pleasant experience: "I was very fond of Tver, where we met a lot of holidays. I now there is just a sea of ​​friends! And I hope that very soon again to go ", - he told the actress. Tanya glad to get acquainted with talented musicians: drummer Yuri Kitaev, Russian folk choir "patterns the", as well as being a children's choir soloists Tver.

Producer Vladimir Dubovitsky - about the album: "It is my firm belief that the album" Behind the Pink Sea ", the fifth in the life of Tanya - the most significant of its work. I mean absolutely everything: the approach to the so-called music production, and its own, sensible attitude, already as a mature singer, the album as a whole and to each song in particular. As a producer of the album I am satisfied with this work a hundred percent Tanya realized the best way possible.

No single musical sound - what we call "style", a sequence of intonations, harmonies, chords - we were looking for; just do a wide range that is able to satisfy all segments of the audience. The only thing that we would like them to submit - it is good music and very intelligent lyrics, not just dance. The very first experience of listening to an album by different categories of people have shown that we have desired. With that, the album consists of songs, each of which is very solid and directed, there is no "walk-through", we were able to achieve this level, find the line when discerning esthete, our music is not annoying, as usual listeners, people - very much. < br>
As a rule, the most picky audience - people who are looking for music and a variety of delights. They - the main critics snobs often see among them believe that the best chorales of Bach can not be anything! And that's it for such people the album does not cause a negative reaction: they say they are willing to listen, because everything is done with high quality and very sincere. And like the listening mass music. This is very important because any hit is always some kind of imagery: the hits are absolutely vulgar that still remain hits, and has created a good artistic level. And for them is not ashamed "at the cash register," as one of my teachers, Oscar B. Feltsman: "It is necessary to write such music to the cash register was not ashamed".

So, we have offices and absolutely no shame for this job ... As a human being I'm really glad that everything turned Tanya! She - a purposeful man. Very stubborn. In this case, it is stubbornness was aimed at achieving a positive result, and thanks to the tenacity it all possible. Secretly I tell you that this album, I was ready to accept much earlier pursuant to suit me almost completely. But Tanya slowly from me something remodel, rehash, acting on a "best - the enemy of good." I was man enough conservative thought that everything is done very well, and could not understand on what she continues to work? Tanya took turns everything to the maximum. The result exceeded even my expectations. "

It was written some experimental things: "City children" with the children's choir, "Comes Love" to the tune of the American film "The Sound of Music" with a symphony orchestra. On the song "Over the pink sea", "My sun", "Kolёchko", "Do not forget," "Our House" to remove the clip. Then comes a collection of clips "Women's happiness".

After the release of their fifth album, "Behind the Pink Sea" Tatiana goes to long tours, he travels across the country, and every city waiting for her sold out. Ovsiyenko become the most popular singer of 97 -98 years.

Tatiana was awarded the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with diplomas and awards. She participated in concerts organized for veterans (over 100 concerts) and dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Tatiana took part in the election campaign "Vote or Lose" in 1996, has honor and gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation for the concert tour. Tatiana has always supported the creativity of the Russian people in distress. Over the years, she performed in front of our soldiers in almost all the hot spots: Chechnya, Karabakh, Ingushetia (concerts in 2001), Kosovo (concert in 2000). In Chechnya, awarded the medal "For military valor" of the first degree, as well -zhe "For Service in the Caucasus".

In Kosovo medal KFOR "For Service in Kosovo." For the victims of natural disasters in 1993, she held a concert in Yerevan, 1995 concert in Nagorno-Karabakh, and in 1997 - in Leninakan and Stepanakert. Tatiana is a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to protect the rights and legitimate interests of law enforcement officers and members of their families and veterans of the Interior Ministry, has provided sponsorship assistance to soldiers of all arms, he performed concerts in Taman and Kantemir division for divers in the village Vedyaevo on border outposts Western Group of Forces.

Tanya is also the winner of the annual Russian Festival "Song of the Year" from 1989 to 2006, it is awarded the "Golden Gramophone" in 1997, in Germany, in 1999 awarded the "Musical key" as the best Russian singer. In 1999 and 2000, he received the award "Stopudoviy hit", "Soundtrack" and many other music awards.

In 1999, Tanya became a mother, a son, Igor (what a lot written in the press, and mentioned on TV) .tak Tatiana Ovsiyenko in this period of life priorities have changed all the time has been given to the family, and songs appear "single tirazhёm." < br>
In 2000, she released the single "I'll fly with you" (on this single includes: original, remix, karaoke and a video clip of the song "I'll fly with you"). In all her work is the only remix. In 2001, the year - a collection of unreleased songs in the albums "The river of my love," includes several new songs as well as songs written for a variety of collections and anniversary concerts of different authors and performers. Also in December 2001, the President's decree conferring the title of the singer was "Honored Artist of Russia».

In 2004, there were rumors that the new album written Tanya Alexander Shulgin. There were songs, "you lose" and "Somewhere" (which were filmed stunning video clips), they again began to win the hearts of music lovers. But suddenly Shulgin was invited to be the producer of the next American Idol, for which it took the song. And his work with Ovsiyenko stopped. And already released the song entered the next numernoy album of the singer - "I will not say goodbye." Basically it consists of all the familiar hits, the large part of which is filmed videos. The most important and successful compositions were "Autumn-Sister," "It's not you," "Two Minutes", "Chain".

In 2004, there were rumors that the new album written Tanya Alexander Shulgin. There were songs, "you lose" and "Somewhere" (which were filmed stunning video clips), they again began to win the hearts of music lovers. But suddenly Shulgin was invited to be the producer of the next American Idol, for which it took the song. And his work with Ovsiyenko stopped. And already released the song entered the next numernoy album of the singer - "I will not say goodbye." Basically it consists of all the familiar hits, the large part of which is filmed videos. The most important and successful compositions were "Autumn-Sister," "It's not you," "Two Minutes", "Chain".

After the release of the album extremely romantic strange event happened - the duo of Tatiana and Victor Saltykov Ovsiyenko. "Summer" and "Beach of Love." The song is written and performed by Victor Drobysh many modular concerts, first in the duet, and then solo. The notion that nothing new Ovsiyenko no mistake. "Beach Love" - ​​not the latest milestone in the creative career. Many of the songs were recorded and after 2005. This colorful dance "You and I" and "light," yard "not my fault" and "Yard on Tverskaya" lyrical "Popolam" and "Touch" wildly fun holiday song "New Year" greetings from Igor Zubkov " My joy, "etc. etc. But Tanya is not the person of a channel. And neizvesno our financial circumstances, or even how the new work does not appear on the big screen. In concert, the Tatiana dares to sing the news Sorry, delighting all their major hits.

In 2006, legendary Scottish rockers group «Nazareth» Tatiana recorded a duet for the song «Love Hurts». Musicians recorded in Dnepropetrovsk, where «Nazareth» came to the Ukrainian part of its tour. Arrange the composition prepared in Moscow, and the reduction took place in the studio "Polyfon." In the same year he was released a single with three versions of recorded rock -ballady. The premiere took place on the anniversary of the duo's "Sound Track" at the Moscow State Kremlin Palace on January 29, 2006 - as guests of honor.

At the end of September 2010 ended with the shooting clip for the song "Three hours." As planned, filmed a new video of the singer in the Ukraine and was timed to the release of a new album, but the release of the album had a little delay. It should be noted in the video Tatiana performs in an unusual image: a neat bouffant hairstyle was replaced by a bold, like a biker, instead of a natural makeup - a bright make-up with black eyeliner and instead dress - leggings, short jacket and motorcycle gloves. Recall Tatiana - an avid biker, singer often cuts through the capital at night on his motorcycle "Ducati".

And the eve of March 8, 2013 Tatiana has released an album called "Time." The album awaited since the last release of the full album was in 2004. As acknowledged by the singer, all this time, she continued to produce some songs, but put them in an album for various reasons, got only 8 years later. To this day, Tatiana successfully goes on tour, recording new songs shot on TV. She is not afraid of competition, not afraid to experiment in his work. And all just rejoice every new day, every minute and every second. Close friends with Lolita and Roma Arkhipov, who is the son also loved her friend and director, with whom they are working together for more than 20 years, Igor Arkhipov.