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Thinking of you






With seven years Tasha began to write poetry and compose music, which eventually transformed into songs. On account of the singer's two solo albums, each of which has 17 tracks, "Ego" and "Tasha." - These songs - a reflection of my feelings and emotions - says Tasha. - After listening to both drives, you will understand how much they are diametrically opposed to each other and are very important to me. During the time that I was working on them, I'll feel your spiritual progress.

Tasha has released two collections of poems copyright "Swallow" and "Tasha." Singer speaks perfect two musical instruments: piano and accordion Ossetian "Piano - my joy in life" - says the singer.

Higher Education Tashi has nothing to do with the music, it has two honors in the specialties: "Philology" and "law." Much attention is paid singer arrangements of his compositions, as well as "treasure every hint of doing all the work meticulously and fanatically" necessarily losing all the games on their own songs. Having started studying the music market, Tasha realized that her music is difficult to understand a wide audience, because it is quite complicated in sound and has various harmonies. Going down the path of simplification, Tasha has created his first popular hit song "Serge", which is still heard on radio stations, and the video director Alexander Igudin goes on music channels. "Sergei" - this is the first dynamic composition for all the work Tashi, which used brisk, hard, revolutionary, and even the military arrangements! This song is about love, as all the songs of the singer, created with warmth. Of course, such an unformatted track demanded the corresponding video. "I'm sure the song" Serge "nobody was indifferently received and it is very important" - says Tasha. The song and video there is outrageous, that Tasha is not afraid: "I do not dread experiments and not afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort».

Recently, the second song Tashi got into the rotation, "Russian radio" track "Thinking of you" (Music - Denis Klyaver., Lyrics - Ilya Zudin) can not only repeat the success, but also to surpass the author hit Tashi "Serge."