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Once Tanya Nedelskaya dreamed of becoming a journalist, interviewing various celebrities. It is not anticipated that there will come a time when the interview will take her own. Like many girls, Tatiana loved music and singing, she graduated from the School of Music and vocal studio, but to present themselves on the big stage interfered with the natural shyness. To overcome it helped the guys from the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Sparks" Zaporizhzhya Palace of Culture "October". While listening to was not too good (to say probably that until Tatyana never holding a microphone), but the director of the ensemble, worn by today's sonorous name of Dudayev, ventured to take her to the team. Here Tatiana studied not only singing, but also feel free to the public, hold the microphone, in a word, took possession of the basics of pop craftsmanship. Advocate had a lot; because the ensemble to make a living, he played mostly at weddings, but for the young singer, the school has been very useful. However, fragile voice could not stand the load, and from the team Woman fired.

Then she decided to try his hand at the contest of young performers. Friends advised her to apply for soundtracks in the most popular pop groups of Zaporozhye - a group of Yan Tabachnik "New Day". Tabachnik himself for some reason decided that the girl came to audition for soloist and appointed her to audition. First, Tatiana confused and therefore not found anything better than to perform well-known song "On the turnpike," which I heard by Alla Pugacheva. Y. Tabachnik, listened to, said: "As Pugacheva you sing well, but try to sing like myself know how." The team he did, however, take it. And then rubbed his pop universities, and the life, Tatyana Nedelskaya held under the guidance of highly experienced master, People's Artist of Ukraine.

In recent years, she entered the "holder" of famous pop singers who took part in many prestigious concerts. She applauded the audience in the concert halls of Ukraine, the USA, Israel and other countries. Tatiana and I am happy in my personal life: three beautiful boys & nbsp; - the best proof. Now Tatiana Nedelskaya released a new album titled "Fly Away".