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The flows Suzanne seven different bloodlines: Arab, Ethiopian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Gypsy.
She is not afraid of experiments and successfully on the verge of different music styles, combines familiar to many chords in a new form. It shows the courage and inner freedom of the creator, for which he received the status of shamans and witches among fans of his work. Here to talk about myself a singer does not like thinking that you can understand it through her songs with which she conducts a subtle dialogue with the listener.

- The first screen on national television in 2009, there was an older sister Suzanne, Sabrina Abdullah, the whole family, including a younger sister, worried about her and want the victory in "Star Factory-3". Soon Suzanne ventured to take part in the TV show "X Factor." She won a multimillion audience with his first appearance on the stage, performing the casting show X-Factor (Ukraine) in 2010 with the song Beyoncé "Halo" Her performance was one of the highlights.

- 2011-2012 g - under the pseudonym Susanne Salem singer collaborated with renowned producer. In 2013 Suzanne Abdullah refused to cooperate with the producer, radically changed her image and started to work on the author's program.

- Summing up 2013 for Suzanne Abdullah marked by the release of new video work for the song "Crumbs in a blanket", where the girl was a protest against the current situation in show business. The song became a cry from the heart of Suzanne. The singer, from his point of view, said that external influences and laws of show business, in most cases, are false and have nothing to do with honest work. It goes against the rules, against lies and against the "cheap" glamor. The purpose of Suzanne, first of all, to convey to the public their own honest work and not "sag" under the imposed rules of show business, which dictate sex, silicone and "show-off» ...

Proud girl is going to make its way into show business talent of its own, it has to give up some successful television projects, as they found them stupid. Another video Suzanne just that she wanted to be independent in his work and talk with the audience honestly, not obeying the rules of show business.

"Crumbs in a blanket," as the rest of creativity Suzanne - it's not just the vocal work is its own view of the world, its dialogue with the public intellectual, which is able to understand and appreciate the aesthetics and deep overtones in the works ...
< br> - In May 2014 the light was born another creation Suzanne Abdullah - a clip for the song "Bent».