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SunSay - Ukrainian fusion-funk-reggae group founded by former leader and vocalist Andrew 5'NIZZA Sun Zaporozhets.

Founded in 2007, the original repertoire of recycled material unreleased third album 5'nizza. Songs are performed in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The debut album was recorded at the St. Petersburg studio "Dobrolet" under the direction of Andrew Alyakrinskiy (saundprodyussera Tequilajazzz, surveyor Kunst et al. Groups). From St. Petersburg musicians participated in the recording guitarist Vadim Sergeev (Spleen, Optimystica Orchestra), trumpeter Roman Parigin (Spitfire, Leningrad) and saxophonist Alexei Kanev (Leningrad, Ska-jazz Review). From Moscow - Sergei Klevensky (participated in recordings and concerts of Inna wish, Hope Babkin) In the process of recording a new album, it became clear that the enlargement of the plans participants would nullify the function of man-orchestra Sergey Babkin. As a result, the record gave the world a new project - a group SunSay, which became the center of San singer 5'nizza (Andrey Zaporozhets). On the album, which the band released in 2007, mixed a variety of styles from reggae to funk. Added electric guitars, bass, keys.

The second album, "diver" is recorded in the studio Bolshakov Moscow, which was released in March 2010.

The magic of perfectionism SUNSAY.

One of the most prominent singers knew how to convey difficult-plexus of his poetry in a voice that once heard is impossible to forget - it is SUN, group leader SUNSAY.Ih style can be called in two words WORLD MUSIC, and these words is hidden: funk, reggy, soul, folk .

SUNSAY perform compositions for two to nine people. They can listen to the cozy appartment and large venues. They can sing in unison, and closed his eyes to listen to the mysterious sounds coming from stseny.Na their concerts, including the audience, you can see Zemfira or group Okean Elzy. They are written with little-known musicians and refuse duets with pop stars. But taking part in the recording of John Forte, write new texts and melodies are true to themselves, and they always have something to say and show. And you should hear and see.