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Oleg (known as Small but perfectly formed) and Pauline (also known as Monopolina) - musicians, band members Stereopulse. Born and raised in St. Petersburg (the edge of the curb and shavermy). The first meeting took place during a holiday in Thailand and had serious consequences: a joint creative impulses, creating a group Stereopulse, hangover.

For a trip to Thailand, turning such large-scale changes in the lives of children brought different circumstances: Oleg went to the country for the training at the school of Thai boxing, which became necessary as a consequence of living in the harsh region of St Petersburg Kupchino; Monopolina used the trip as a way to heal the emotional wounds resulting from severe separation and hours of flight Saint Petersburg - Phuket joint Aeroflot flight and Turkmenistan Airlines.

Background. Monopolina: grew up in an ordinary family in St. Petersburg. The development of musical talent helped the parents who used piano for educational purposes - as a way of dealing with bad behavior and global pofigizmom daughter, as well as undesirable neighbors. Another activity Monopoliny could become a film industry. Start acting career laid role in the youth series "Life Safety", at the same time it has become final, since the critics and the general public and the show did not look.

Oleg Small but perfectly formed: as mentioned above, spent his youth in the area of ​​Kupchino, except where nadiraniya asses using the ancient martial art of Muay Thai engaged fast life in the local underground get-together. Not finding the meaning of life, Oleg went to look for him in a more favorable climate impacts in a journey to exotic countries.

Way two creative individuals crossed into Thailand, where in addition to magnets on the fridge Monopolina and Oleg brought something even more valuable - the first drafts of songs project Stereopulse. History of the group continued in Moscow. In the capital of our homeland creators group settled after long wanderings in the world, having lived not only in Thailand and India, and other countries where their names will remain forever in the memory of local residents and on the walls of the coastal bars (as written in indelible felt-tip pen or scratched with a nail) .

We could continue the story, but let's leave it unfinished, because the story of a group «Stereopulse» will be created on your eyes and with your participation.