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Stas Yarushin


He was born January 14, 1981 in Chelyabinsk. He graduated from the school № 46 in Chelyabinsk. On the 10 th grade played in the school league of KVN team "Bambarbiya kirgudu". Then, having arrived in Chelyabinsk State University Agroengineering, he became an advocate for the local team of KVN "separation line". Then he appeared in the national team of KVN Chelyabinsk, originally named "Compatriots" .In 1999 "Compatriots" combined with KVNschiki of Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute in a team called the "county town". As part of the "county town" Stanislav Yarushin in 2002 he became the champion of Major League KVN, in 2003 and 2004 - the owner of the Summer Cup KVN.S 2003 to 2007 - member of the Chelyabinsk KVN "Ural nationality Persons (moon)". As part of "Moon" spent four seasons: one in the Premier League and three seasons - in the Premier League. In 2006, the "moon" in the final of KVN League took second mesto.S 2007 to 2009 - showman TSSKA.S basketball team in 2011 starred in the TV series "Univer" debut album was released in the role of Anton Martynova.V May 2016 at the Stanislaw Yarushina "this"