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In 2007 begins active cooperation with Russia's first hip-hop Agency Phlatline. In October of the same year, together with the record company "Monolith" the actor released his debut album, "One hundred out of a hundred».

The album brought the ST even more popular, he became the guest of honor at the prestigious clubs of the capital (B-Club, HEAT, R & B cafe, Black October DJ Bar, Diamond Hall, Bar Fly), became involved in a variety of public events and music awards.

With the support of Phlatline were filmed many videos ST, which has long been in the air such well-known channels like A-One, RU.TV, Music Box, «Muz-TV" and MTV. One of his most famous videos of the time is the video for the song "Peter-Moscow", also on account of his clips «BEEF», «Respect», «fall in love", "In another way" (Ouch. Gough), «We Made It Remix »and« In your home ».

February 11 have been shooting new video ST-track "Girl from the periphery" from the album "Na100yaschy." The track was produced by Nel from the group «Marselle», but when the chorus singer Alexander Streltsov will play the main character of the clip.

"Girl from the periphery" will enter the tracklist of the second album ST «Na100yaschy", which is scheduled for early December.

Directed video was Saric Andreasyan, who directed the films "Mugs" modern sequel to "Office Romance".

March 31, 2011, for unknown reasons, left the label, together with performers Phlatline Marselle and DJ Booch.

In 2012, ST starts cooperation with "Supermarket Culture».

Supermarket Culture - an independent company, which was established in 2005 by Gregory Zorin and Asya Kalyasinoy.

Over the next three years the company has worked hard fixing the status of the actors in the market and its development, and is actively looking for new talent.

«Rap'N'Roll» and a new stage in the work

At the height of the summer season, when all the modern youth is trying not to miss the opportunity to relax and unwind "in full», ST went overseas - in the city of Los Angeles. The reason was the planned filming of the clip already airs blew up and became a hit song «Rap'N'Roll». Club Hip-hop single with inherent genre brisk recitative by bit groovy.

Shooting process took lead Motion Family. «Rap'N'Roll» - the first single from their third studio album, rap artist ST titled "Bulletproof».

December 22, 2012 published the video to the song "I'm going to the bottom." The song even before the film adaptation has caused a great resonance in the hip-hop community. Immediately after the release of the track turned out that the clip has been shot at and is in post-production. She worked on a video production group 2rbina 2rista. ST himself said that this track is the most personal of all that will be included in the then upcoming album.

The release of the album "Bulletproof" was held March 5, 2013, and its presentation was held on March 9.

September 23, his birthday, Alexander lays out the video for the updated version of the song «Beef», the original of which was released back in 2008.

In late 2013, Alexander stops cooperation with Invisible Management.

In 2014 he took part in the online show Versus Battle. The issue came to a network March 9, 2014. His opponent was the St. Petersburg rapper Harry Axe, crushed on the same project of such hip-hop artists like Billy Milligan, Czar and Noize MC. The fight ended in victory ST.