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In 1986, Alexander Vasilyev, studying at the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrument, met with Alexander Morozov (aka Morris), playing the bass guitar. Vasilyev recalled later: "Everything happened spontaneously: one friend invited me to a rehearsal in the group, where he played our current bassist Sasha Morozov. There we met. We never missed a rock concert, it's all insanely charged and wanted to do something like that. We were 16-17 years old when we collected the first group. " It is this musical duo (school-institute's group), called "Mitra", became the prototype of the "Spleen».

The first songs were recorded Vasilyeva at home in the apartment Morozova, who was tape "Record" and a microphone. As a part of the team, "Mitra" was subsequently several other people, including Oleg Kuva (future creator of the animated Flash-series "Masyanya") and future wife Vasilyeva - Alexander. "Mitra" tried to join the Leningrad rock club, but not auditioned Anatoly Gunitskii. In 1988, having studied for two years in LIAP Vasiliev he left to serve in the army, where he served as a clerk in a construction battalion. There he began to write songs, some of which later got on the album "Dusty profit." After demobilization in 1992, with the help of Oleg Kuvaeva he got a place mounter scene in St. Petersburg Academic Theater of comedy, and then enrolled at the Theatre Institute at the Department of Economics. Study he combined with work mounter scene, a night watchman and working at the candy factory. In 1993, he met with Morozov and they settled down to work in the theater "Buff", where he met keyboardist Nikolai Rostov. In spring 1994, they are dismissed.

I know "dusty profit" from the inside, how this album was made. By the time we start recording Sanya Morozov, one might say, have grown together so that even developed their own language. Therefore, specifically, although they're all strum, invited to participate in the album people who did not know what we are living, our mentality. This was done in order to pour the "lifeblood" and possibly as far as possible to move away from traditional forms.

Musicians earn money to record their debut album in many ways. In search of work, they starred in advertising: "It happened this way: in 1994, the year when money for existence was not at all firm" Union - contract "offered me to sing commercials, to the tune of" Who is developed "Paul McCartney. I did not work, he sang Stas, our guitarist. It was an advertisement for "Hershey Cola" "- Vasilyev recalled this part time. The album "Dusty profit" was recorded in the sound studio theater "Buff" with the help of session musicians.

May 27, 1994 the future of the group gathered at the restaurant to celebrate the end of the recording process of the album, where they met up with guitarist Stas Berezovsky. This date was considered the birthday of the group "Spleen". Subsequently, the group was included and drummer Nicholas Lisov. The album proved to be a popular and razoshёlsya in St. Petersburg circulation of about 10 thousand audio cassettes, and two songs from the album ("Victim of melting ice" and "Fairy Tale") came on the radio station of St. Petersburg. Subsequently, the double album reissued on CD by various labels (1997 - Sound Product, 2002 - "The Mystery of Sound"). The first official appearance of the group took place in public in the same year in a rock club "Ambush." In 1995, the group writes Vasiliev Demo album "Collector weapons" in St. Petersburg. The first version was very different from the "Collector", released in 1996. The first embodiment has the song "Plane", and so that in the first embodiment have 8 songs, rather than 10 in contrast to the version published in 1996. In the same year, Alexander Vasiliev arrives in Moscow with a clip "Be my shadow" and Demo-accounts "Collector". A successful visit "Ostankino" - and after a few days the video had "cool" on ORT. With the clip the group gets new listeners.

In April 1997, the album "black eye." The presentation of the album took place on May 1 in DC Lensoveta sold out. The group quickly gaining popularity, begin to broadcast her songs on the radio, and in 1997 the group invited to address the first rock festival "Maksidrom." At the same time it was played the first concert at the Palace of Sports "Jubilee" (St. Petersburg), recognized by all failure. [Source not specified 183 days] However, the next concert, played at the Luzhniki Stadium, ended furor. In the summer of 1997 the group acquired a new producer Alexander Ponomarev. In the fall of 1997, Alexander Vasilyev performs concerts with Ian Nikolenko, although at that time he was not in the group.

In early 1998, the newly created label "ORT Records" enters into a contract with the group for the publication of the fourth album, released in the same year under the name "Crimson album," after which the group becomes really famous. [Source not specified 183 days] August the same year, "Spleen" acts opening for «The Rolling Stones». In September 1998, the group come musician Yannick Nikolenko and new drummer Sergey Navetny.

Singer and band leader continues to experiment with style, sound and lyrics. The result of these experiments was the album "Altavista", which includes some of the most unexpected impregnated Narcotic and experimental spirit, songs Vasiliev. [Source not specified 183 days] After a lull March 25, 2001 the album "25 frames", recorded and data on studio sound engineer Andrei Bochco Sergei Bolshakov, after which the group with the "B-2" organizes joint tour «Fellini», which takes place in 22 cities in Russia and abroad.

In February 2002, comes the double CD "Acoustic" - recorded acoustic concert, played in the theater of Stanislavsky December 9, 2001. In September 2002, released their first single, "Handball", which, in addition to the eponymous song, attended the song "North-West" video "Plastic life" and flash-movie "Spleen feat Masyanya", drawn Oleg Kuvayev. In December 2002, has not yet released the song "New People" opens Christmas ether "Nashe Radio».

February 14, 2003 released the album "New People", which was recorded at the studio MGSU.

By the 10th anniversary of the band in April 2004, goes solo album Alexander Vasilyev "Drafts", which were collected songs written by Alexander in the period from 1988 to 2003.

May 18, 2004 they released the single "Romance". On the title track it is presented in three versions, as well as instrumental composition "Steps." In addition, the "Romance" was released in the new format - on a three-inch CD-ROM.

In summer 2004 there were rumors that the band breaks up, but he refutes their Vasiliev. While performing at the summer rock festivals as part Vasilev - Nikolenko to some extent reinforce such speculation.

November 17, 2004 the album "Reverse Chronicle of Events" offers the listener in addition to the hits ("We sat and smoked", "geography lesson" and "Romance") unexpected experimental instrumental tracks, hard rock, soft ballads and guitar compositions. A few months after the recording of fatigue left the band drummer Sergey Navetny. In his place taken by Alexey Meshcheryakov.

October 17, 2005 the band began recording the next album, the ninth license, interrupted tour of North America in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston. April 2, 2006 the group participated in the festival "award Fuzz» on the big stage of St. Petersburg Palace of Sports "Jubilee." To the surprise of the public and music critics, played only 4 songs, with a completely new and unfamiliar to most viewers. In the speech, there is no guitarist Stas Berezovsky. Instead, he performs two musicians - former guitarist of "Oedipus complex" (group flutist Ian Nikolenko) Vladimir Kolyada and "comrade of past years' Alexey Meshcheryakov, Innocent Agafonov. Again begin exaggerated rumors about the decay of the group. [Citation needed 183 days] An indirect confirmation of this was the performance of the group in Moscow club "Point", which appeared two new guitarist (Kolyada and Vladimir Agafonov Innocent). To the question: "Where Berezovsky?" Vasiliev first jokes: "In London," and then said that longtime guitarist "Spleen" "left to float freely." Later (in late April) on the official website appears to leave the band flutist Ian Nikolenko and one of the two new guitarists - Vladimir Kolyada. In addition to posts on the site, any comments by the group does not arrive. Despite the dramatic changes the composition of the group continues to record a new album. In June 2006, the group takes the second new guitarist Innocent Agafonov. No comment from Alexander Vassiliev still does not arrive. The festival "Invasion" band plays four.

January 5th, 2007 at the group's official website announced the change of the composition. The group came to a new bassist Dmitry Kunin, last played in a team with drummer Alexey Meshcheryakov. Due to the change of the composition of Vadim Sergeyev returned to play the electric guitar.

February 7, 2007 was released the next album "Split Personality". The material was recorded and mixed at Studio updated Bolshakov, with which the group has worked the last 4 albums. Despite the fact that a sufficiently large number of album songs - their 17 during recording sessions recorded for this album have been at least 19 tracks. Two songs ("3007" and "Ark") not included in the record. The song "Z007" with the fall of 2005 was played at almost every concert of the band, even "discovered" some concerts, and was seen by fans as one of the "pivot" songs of the forthcoming album. [Citation needed 183 days] However, in the press release of the album, released in late December 2006, Vasilyev said that "the" 3007 th "sounds great live, but recording this song loses a lot, so we still have postponed it." The song "Ark" does not get to the plate, as some "buggy" in the opinion of a group of musicians.

The song "Ark" became available more or less wide audience only 6 January 2008 when the radio station "Nashe Radio" sounded the program "Christmas Concert" - a half-hour acoustic mini-concert, especially for broadcast on "Our Radio" recorded by the group "Spleen "New Year's Eve in the studio.

2009 artist dedicates record a new studio album and tour in Russia and CIS countries. The first evidence of the work was a poem Vasilyeva "Rolling Stone", which was later transformed into a group of a song.

The first single of the album was the song "No more rock and roll." The new album "Signal From Space" was released September 22, 2009. The album includes new songs composed for the previous two and a half years. At the same time it was recorded in just 10 days, another 10 days it took to its attention. The album was recorded at the St. Petersburg studio "Dobrolet" where the sound engineer spoke A. Alyakrinsky. Initially, at the suggestion of the "Aquarium", the album was limited in London at Livingston Studios. However, after the start of the musicians decided that the sound mixed by songs they do not like, and mixing moved to St. Petersburg.

All songs were recorded by full-time staff group, however, the album became more trumpet solo band member «Spitfire» Roman Parygina. Also participated in the recording percussionist «Markscheider Kunst» Kirill Ipatov, Maiden string quartet and a children's choir, who performed his part in the song "upside down».

May 27, 2010 on the band's official website, on the 50th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Bashlachev, a message appears stating that the group may take part in the recording of a tribute to the songs of the musician. In the first months of the summer in the studio recorded song "Petersburg wedding" in the words Bashlachev July 30, 2010, it was first performed at a concert in Moscow club «B1 Maximum».

February 7, 2011 on the website there is a self-made video for the new song "Flew life", which became the first single from the new album. February 19 comes the premiere of her acoustic evening in Moscow "Crocus City Hall", and March 14 - on radio «Maximum».

Summer 2011, the band has spent on recording demos of songs for the new album, a studio recording that started in the autumn of the same year.

October 2 at a concert in Rostov-on-Don, Alexander Vasilyev read a new poem "We are sawing the budget", the text of which appeared the next day on the band's website.

In the last days of the year at a concert in Tver, the debut performance of the song "Freak", the text of which was also posted on the official website.

February 28, 2012 in an interview with "Our radio" Alexander Vasilyev said that the approximate release of a new album is scheduled for autumn 2012. The new album will include a group of songs already overexposed "Flew Life," "Freak" and "Petersburg wedding", is ready for the first and not released tribute Bashlachev.

The beginning of spring was marked by the premiere of the song "bucket", held March 2 in Moscow club "B2" and filming the video for the song "terrible secret", which became the second single from the new album and sent to radio on 30 March. The premiere of the video, which carried out the studio shooting '..other .. "occurred on April 6.

At the concerts in May, the group has performed all five new songs: "Flew life", "Petersburg wedding", "Freak," "Scoop" and "terrible secret».

May 29 at the band's website there is a new poem "Fibonacci series", after 2 days of this work was done a group at a concert in Moscow "Green Theatre". In the same speech, there was another premiere - the curtain of the night the band played a new song, "The magic word". In early June, on the website and Youtube channel group has been laid out homemade music video "Fibonacci series", but with a different text in English under the title The Splean. At a press conference held on June 29 before the band's performance at the festival «The Best City» in Dnepropetrovsk, Alexander Vasilyev confirmed that the album will take place in early autumn 2012.

September 4 "Spleen" provided a cover version of the song "Ashes" group "Aquarium". On September 21, "Nashe Radio", the premiere of the song "Daughter of the Samurai." For the first time the song was performed in September 2012 at a concert in Veliky Novgorod. The album was released October 8, 2012.

In the autumn of 2013 it became known that the team is preparing a new album. Soon it was announced the song "Chill." She went out on November 29 iTunes Store and Google Play, as well as a limited edition on CD. The four discs of the total circulation was invested quarters handwritten lyrics. Who found the text and put it together, get a new album first, even before the official release. The track "Chill" was presented to the public on the day of November 29 in Kiev, in the concert club «StereoPlaza». After some time, the video for the song appeared. December 5 in the "second shift" to "our radio" Alexander Vasilyev said that the album will likely be released March 1, 2014.

February 14, 2014 during a speech at the Award Ceremony "Chart dozen" Alexander Vasilyev announced that the new album will be called "Resonance" and will be released March 1st. Later it became known that the album will be divided into two parts. March 1 album became available for purchase in the services ITunes, Google Play and the official website. The whole album has also become possible to listen when Yandeks.Muzyka on YouTube.

In the fall of 2014 he had to leave the second part of the album before the band was supposed to start a new tour, which consists only of the songs of these two albums.

September 5, 2014 broadcast of "Our radio" hit parade "Chart dozen" launched the first single, "Spleen" from the new album "Resonance. Part 2 "-" Orchestra ».

September 24 at the site of the service Yandeks.Muzyka was presented the album "Resonance. Part 2". On the same day the album was made available on iTunes and Google Play. The official release of the album took place on September 25.