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Sogdiana was born on February 17, 1984 in Tashkent. Her father - Vladimir Nechitailo - an engineer, and his mother - Larisa Fedorinskaya by education a medical worker. Her grandmother sang in the church choir. The
Sogdiana graduated from music school in piano. She also studied drawing, dancing and singing. The
Sogdiana participated in many international and national competitions, and was often among the laureates. In 2001, the debut album of the singer, entitled Mening Kunglim (Russian My Soul), was released, including songs in Uzbek, Russian and English. In 2003, Sogdiana received the State Prize of Uzbekistan "Nihol". The
Since 2004, songs in the Uzbek language have appeared in the repertoire of Sogdiana: "Mening Shahzodam" (Russian My Prince), "Ovora Bo'lma" (Russian Do not Hope), "Netay" (Russian What should I do), "Sen Kelma" (Russian Do not Come) and "Yurak Mahzun" (Russian Heart-magnet), which were also filmed video clips. Soon there was an album Mening Shahzodam ... Baribir Kelar !, in which these compositions were included. The
In 2006, Sogdiana became a participant of the sixth season of the talent show "Factories of the Stars", the music producer of which was Victor Drobysh. At the end of the same year, the singer for the first time won the Golden Gramophone Award with the Russian-language version of the song "Yurak Mahzun" - "The Heart-Magnet". The
In 2007, Sogdiana filmed a video for the song "Blue Sky" and began work on her first Russian album. After a while, for the song "Blue Skies" Sogdiana received the second statuette of the Golden Gramophone and became the laureate of the New Songs on the Main. Also, she was awarded the Moscow City Hall Prize "Pilar" for her contribution to the development of Russian popular music. The
On February 14, 2008 the first Russian album of Sogdiana "The Heart-Magnet" was published [1]. The
In 2009, the Sogdians were awarded the title People's Artist of the Chechen Republic. Videos were filmed and presented for the songs "Remember Me" and "To the East from Eden". Soon the singer received a statuette of the Golden Gramophone for the song "East of Eden". The
In April 2010, the premiere of the song and video "With or without you". January 30, 2011 was released the second Russian album of Sogdiana under the name "Eden". Soon there was a new single "Just Do not Be Silent", which was later included in the limited re-release of the album "Eden". The
In 2014, after a three-year break, Sogdiana returned to the stage with a clip for the song "Molniya". In 2015, the singer presented a Russian version of the song "Mening Shahzodam" called "Epidemic", shot a clip for the song "Bird without a wing," and also performed at the 20th anniversary of the Golden Gramophone, performing the hit "The Heart-Magnet". The
In February 2016, the premiere of a joint video with Avraam Russo for the song "No Impossible" was held. The
In February 2018, the premiere of the song "Be with me."