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SLOT Group - one of the leading rock bands on the Russian stage, the musical direction that varies from heavy rock to electronic rokapopsa.

The beginning of the band can be considered as 2002, when Igor "Cache" Lobanov (MC) met with the guitarist Denis "Dan" Lame. The first singer became famous singer Teona Dolnikova, the main character of the musical "Metro" and "Notre Dame de Paris».

The debut performance was held in the club "Point" at the festival «TWIST FEST-2", after which the now deceased magazine «PLAY» and «NME» SLOT dubbed collective ability to "bring an alternative to the mainstream." To declare itself for the whole country group managed through blockbuster "Boomer": hits "Clone" and "If only I pinned" included in the soundtrack to the film, becoming the first official release. As a result, in 2003 SLOT received a contract from the label "Mystery of Sound", which comes out of their debut album - "SLOT I». The video for the song "One" enters the rotation of Russian MTV.

In the same year the band played the first RAMP (Russian Alternative Music Prize), together with the global icon - Korn. Leader Korn Jonathan Davis is especially noted SLOT statement, saying that it was "a great option mixture Linkin Park and Evanescense». In the future, the musicians are threefold prizewinners RAMP. In 2006, the band released their second album "Two Wars", which is engaged in distribution of "Mystery." A few months after the start of the number of CDs sold has exceeded 10 000 copies. The album was named "Best Rock Album of the Year 2006" by a vote on newsmusic.ru.

SLOT management from that moment became engaged Anton Dyachenko, all debug business processes and organized powerful concert band.

In the middle of the year it is changing the composition. New vocalist Nuki and today is a fine half of this team.

At the same time out video for the song "Dead Stars", which, like other video slot, broadcasted on the channel "A-ONE». At the same time the song "Dead Stars" gets in the soundtrack for the movie "Shadow Boxing 2" and the song "Bullet" becomes soundtrack of the film "Street racers».

The release of the third studio album, "Trinity" was held in November 2007. Immediately after the presentation of the band embarked on a large-scale tour of Trinity, covering more than 50 cities in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Later SLOT takes part in a concert tour of the "First Channel", "Russia Forward!" (Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg), together with groups Aria, Pilot, Tokyo leg Svelo and others. The culmination of the tour was a grand gala concert on Red Square, attended by 35,000 people.

In October of 2009 SLOT released fourth album «4ever».

The album was attended by former guitarist "Aria" Sergei Mavrin and fiddle country Dmitry Rishko ("The King and the Clown"). Sound producer, as in the previous release, made Cyril Nemolyaev.

As a gift to all the fans you'll ever need SLOT presented the "breaking" the track "End of the world, there is no Internet," which used the popular monologue "There was not a single break ..." Anton Urals. A special place is occupied by the songs on the album, "Spiderman" for parkurschike, imagine a super-hero, and «Warcraft» - hymn to all the fans of this game. Precedes the release clip to an absolute hit "Angel DC" got into the rotation channel «A-One». Three weeks before the release, he headed the Top 10 channel. In early September, the clip takes the first position in the "Most Viewed" and "Top Favorites" on YouTube. Official site of the original records of more than 3,000 visitors per day, in this slot is second only to the group Spleen, which, as you know, also a new record coming out.

According to data produced by the company «M2» Group is in the top 5 most sought after and popular contemporary Russian rock bands. All primary circulation «4ever» sold in October. The company prints the additional copies of the album. October 15 with an absolute full house presentation of the album takes place in the biggest clubs in Europe - the capital's "B1-Maximum», October 30 - in "GlavClub" of St. Petersburg.

Since November 2009, sent to the SLOT-scale tour in support of the album «4ever». Musicians will present a two-hour thrash show, which will feature new songs and already beloved by many fans of the hits from past releases.

In April 2010, the song "Mirrors" has got in active rotation of Radio Maximum, and for several weeks, takes the top ranks in the top 10 "hits two capitals».

In the autumn of the same year SLOT played before the American band LIMP BIZKIT, in SC "Olympic". According to management, Fred Durst SLOT personally selected from more than 10 Russian rock bands.

At the same time comes the first collection of the group - «The Best of», the release of which will undoubtedly become a milestone in the history of the group. And then the work is presented a new video for the song "Lego", filmed in the psychedelic style of the movie "Saw". The song enters the rigid rotation of the two largest stations Netherlands - «3FM» and «KinkFM», as well as the broadcast of the cult American radio station «ROCK FM», the leading of which is SLOT as "the first Russian rock band, which sounds in the American FM-band with 1987 ».

The second single from the new album, the song becomes a «Kill me baby one more time». The self-titled video for the aged in the best traditions of the band early slot composition is presented in two languages, and still provokes resonance discussions. Anti-drug message of the song is accompanied by hard, sometimes even shocking visuals

By the end of 2010 - beginning of 2011 SLOT suited to a fundamentally new milestone in its development and is the first in the last decade export group in Russia. Less than six months, the team is preparing the first English single, «Mirrors», which causes a rapid interest in the western concert companies.

In late August 2011 the first English-language album SLOT (the SLoT) «Break The Code» has appeared on the shelves of music stores US and Canada.

SLOT officially became the pioneers of the modern Russian rock music to a Western audience. Album licensed Russian publisher of M2BA released American label Neurodisc and apply one of the world's largest distributors Fontana / Universal. This is the second release of the foreign group in 2011 - in May, the collection «The Best of» was released in Japan.

To re-record the group has recorded 15 of his most striking hits, filling out for them English names and lyrics. The author of the lyrics and music producer has become a great friend of the band Travis Leake, and for mixing and mastering posted one of the best sound producers, winner of numerous awards - Werner Byukes. As a bonus track on the album is represented by an unexpected remix of the song "Mirrors» (Mirrors) from the leader of the American Project Blue Stone - Robert Smith.

Release of the album in the United States was preceded by the appearance on the radio eponymous single «Break the Code», which is just one week in the rotation was 55 US radio stations and took the second position in the ranking Metal Radio Station Add Chart.

In autumn 2011, the band released a new album SLOT, called F5. Current Page creative team will be updated release of the fifth in a row record. SLOT with their fans will make a total and complete update REFRESH, entrenched in the status of the domestic flagship progressive music from the latest album F5 on the eve of its 10th anniversary.

F5 includes 15 tracks, genre range which extends from the Gothic melodic composition mysterious "Twilight" to deliberately brutal in its actuality grotesque "Breivik show." Musicians without false modesty, called his new creation an absolute set of hits, reinforcing non-trivial lyrics, bright musical decisions. Slot in the literal sense of the word, reboot the listener diverse compositions. Fans of the entire period of the band will be impressed by the powerful arrangements, piercing voice recognizable Nuki and aggressive vocal meditative cache. Several new songs were presented to the public on the stages of the biggest music festivals, where the group has long been rightly considered a leader of the national rock scene.

Listeners expected and a few surprises, among which stands out the song "Body" - a joint creative union with the St. Petersburg luminary gothic scene - Roman Rhine. The real gift was the cover of the super-hit "Rose Street" group "Aria", recorded together with Arthur Berkut, the now ex-vocalist of the legend of the domestic heavy-metal.

The author of the cover design was made by Anton Semenov F5 (aka «Gloom82») from Bratsk. Gloom82 - one of the brightest representatives of contemporary digital art. Among its customers, for example, there are artists of international scope as Infected Mushroom.

The premiere of the new song "Lonely People" took on the air of radio station FM-federal level - "Nashe Radio", then the track immediately hit the hits "Chart Dozen" and a few weeks later won the first place of the charts! This victory was a great gift for the New Year the group.

Parallel SLOT presented video for the song "Twilight" on channel O2 TV, and online "Nashe Radio" video a few days become a leader views!

Great presentation of the album have been sold out F5 5 November in Moscow Milk Moscow club, and on November 12 in St. Petersburg club "Waiting Room", after which the group introduced a new program in the Baltic States and the Far East. Concert season 2012 SLOT opened an unusual concert - 29 January in the capital club took to the B2 @ ver-concert, which was made on 27 tracks - as the imperishable hits of rock 'n' roll and the songs of popular Russian rock and pop groups. The concert band has once again broke stylistic framework and the rules of the genre most unexpected and merciless covers of famous songs.

2nd of February, 2012 the group celebrated SLOT X years! This is the first significant anniversary for the team, so it is a celebration was held with a special scope and delayed for a long time! In the best clubs of both capitals with a sold-out holiday show SLOT died down, which was presented to the entire palette Variation greatest hits from all records, as well as full of rare tracks. Anniversary concerts were held on April 7 in Moscow P! PL club and 13th of April in St. Petersburg club "Waiting Room". The scale of these grand events will remain forever in the memory of fans.

In February 2012, SLOT went to a great tour of the cities of Russia and CIS countries in support of their new album F5, and then gradually began to expand with the Jubilee concert program, having worked the longest concert trip in the history of the team!

In autumn 2012 Nuki second consecutive falls in the top of the world's hottest rock divas according to the authoritative US magazine Revolver.

In November, the group is the official video for the song "Lonely People". Track unanimously voted by fans one of the most striking album hit F5, and the group has long had the idea of ​​shooting a video clip, which will reveal the most expressive musical canvas. After a long time of creative searches, worthy idea for the film adaptation has been found! The director of the video was made by Alexander Mac, well known for his work on music videos and Noize MC "brick". As a result of joint brainstorming it was generated unique scenic concept, which was embodied in one of the filming sites of St. Petersburg. Concert presentation of "single people" took place on November 11 in St. Petersburg club "Cosmonaut" and on November 17 in the capital P! PL club.

Since the beginning of 2013, despite a busy tour schedule, slots come to grips with the work on new material with the promise to present the first results of the spring.

In anticipation of the release of the first single from the new album, the band produced a special gift to their loyal fans - a collection of the best songs «The Best Of ...», which was released in the fall of 2010, has now received its embodiment on vinyl! Despite the fact that slots are always at the forefront of information technology a reality, a vintage music content format as the record is, to a certain extent, respect towards the canons of the industry. To realize this opportunity SLOT received thanks to its permanent publishers - M2BA companies and music publishers "Mirumir».

5th April 2013 on the screens of television of the country, TV channel CTC, launched Youth mystical series "Angel or Demon". The project removed the company "Amedia". The band recorded the soundtrack to the TV series, which went into a new single command!

Along with the premiere of the series SLOT presented to fans and music video for the song "Angel or Demon". The shooting of the video took place outside in the studio "Amedia" in the scenery of the show. The director made Mikhail Emelyanov Alexander Kadyanov familiar to fans of the work on the music video "Twilight».

In the autumn of 2013 a group prezentavala their sixth album with the trivial name "sixth" and released a video for one of the songs of capital "if." The Group continues to surf the country and the near abroad with the concert-presentation.

In February 2014 the band released the video for the song "Prostochelovek", which also served as the soundtrack for the film "Possession 18».