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After two years of studies at the Gomel State University by Francisc Skorina he went to study in Germany, where he spent five years studying political science and economics. There, fascinated by music, he recorded a joint track with the popular German rapper Azad. The track was called "2 Kaiser», it was recorded based on the Russian movie "Shadowboxing". This track was released on video and it was his first step toward popularity. In 2007, the American company Rockstar Games, dedicated to the design and publication of video games, including songs Seryoga King Ring in the third trailer develops them while playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Seryoga also recorded an exclusive track for the Grand Theft Auto IV, which is called Liberty City: The Invasion. In it sings about how people from Russia to conquer the United States. Now he lives in Kiev and Moscow.

August 12, 2008 released the 4th album, rap artist Seryoga "Chronicle kid with Gomel streets", released on labels Mystery Sound, Go-Records and Moon Records. This album Seryoga showed his new party - the street poet and the voice of a generation of those "who survived the '90s." The album includes 18 tracks. According to Alexei Mazhaeva, the album is extremely unfortunate.

Since 2010 became a judge of the project «X-Factor Ukraine", was produced by the team, "team", in 2011 - the team "over twenty-five", in 2012 - the team of "The Boys", 2013 - the team "Girls».

Serge wrote his new 5th album titled "50 Shades of gray" under a pseudonym SERYOGA. The album was given the label "no format", but that did not stop to film five tracks from the album, namely "Lyut", "What's your favorite clown", "My rider», «Killing Me Softly (OST Haji)", "50 shades of gray ". New, 5th in a row, studio album "50 Shades of gray" was released 6 years after the previous album, 9th December 2014. The album includes 14 tracks.

February 25 2015, the release of the new album "Phoenix", which is, as it were, a continuation of previous work. The album "Phoenix" we will see net earrings, he shares his reflections and spreads the truth as it is. The album includes 11 tracks.

In September 2015 SERYOGA radio stations and even in the air will present his new project under the name of Polygraph SharikoOFF. This is another personal project. This time will be positive Funny songs in the tradition of urban romance. Polygraph SharikOFF always positive. September 8, 2015 was presented the first single of "Charisma". In the night from 20 to 21 September 2015 it was presented to the clip "Charisma" (Director - Vladimir Yakimenko).