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Born in the village. Tovarkovo Kaluga region May 17, 1988 His family was very musical: singing mom, dad enthusiastically played the accordion, and all his ancestors, as far as he remembers, always and everywhere the soloist in the folk song bands. No wonder that quantity becomes quality, stood on it and gave their fertile creative fruit. Sergey since childhood felt a small part of the creative universe of the art world, was a sincere and direct, with a rich inner world filled with poignant feelings and strong emotions. In school Sergei played in a pop vocal group "Art - minus" under the leadership of singer Natalia Alexeeva. With this team, he has traveled numerous vocal competitions and stage skills, which received its baptism of fire, the title of laureate and the first enthusiastic admirers of his talent. After high school he enrolled at the College of Law of Kaluga the Russian section of the International Police Association at the Faculty of Law. However, the love for music haunted the young talent, and as a result she won Sergey went to the capital to arrive at the Regional College of Culture and Arts.

Meeting with the music producer, composer, lyricist, teacher of pop-jazz singing IPCC Svetlana Kononova became fateful for Sergei. Svetlana Kononov was great school of acting and vocal skills GITISa have honored. Artist of Russia prof. Mordvinova MB and bunks. Artist of Russia, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater A. Grigoriev, and began his solo career in the recitals of famous composers bunks. Artist of the USSR ES Kolmanovsky, Hon. Artist of Russia Alexander Mazhukov, Hon. Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Migulya and others. It is not just taught vocal prowess, she did of novice singers artists. Sergei assiduously began to comprehend the basics of vocal art of a unique technique of "Free Singing" Svetlana Kononov. Later on its recommendations, he will fall into the legendary group, where he worked as a soloist more than 6 years, getting great experience of creative and stage work. The extraordinary natural curiosity, creative thinking and the development of musical intelligence give a new development of his talent. Sergei decides to take a stage name - Sergei Grey'C and pursue a solo career. Sergei unique singer in his voice, with a range of four octaves and a unique tone with the soft touch of natural vibrato heard light notes of sadness. It penetrates into the soul and excites the heart. On the stage, the singer is always different: temperamental and bold, soft and exciting, colorful and flamboyant, he laid out completely, forcing the audience to empathize with his lyrical revelations, then dance with him under his downhole rhythmic tunes. For this reason, Sergey now has a large fan - club - with many fans and admirers of his talent. Talent Sergei Grey'C - large and versatile. He grew up in a great artist with his own creative outlook. He is not only a cool singer, performing songs live sound, but also the author of excellent melodies and lyrics for his songs.