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Sasha Ray was born on March 25 in the city of Kiev, and since childhood she showed extraordinary ability to create. She showed her talents carried away by drawing, dancing and writing poetry. Sasha's parents, noting creative flair, strongly supported the gifted child. With first-class gave it to a music school in piano and dance craze with their approval has grown into a major choreographic training, which the singer dedicated a total of more than seven years and continues to relentlessly improve. It would seem, with a comprehensive program download is small even for an adult. But be aware, Sasha! The vigorous and penetrating the body every day more clearly awakens the desire to sing. Here inspiration is already mom performed professionally engaged vocal.

Sasha is formed timidly at first, then gaining strength dream of becoming a singer. But as she grows up, and reflects doubts - is capable of it? Overpower you? In the end, as usual, all decided by His Majesty Case. The turning point was meeting with famous Ukrainian composer and producer Dmitry Klimashenko, That he gave the assurance that what Sasha was very intuitive. That is, do what you should, and come what may. Or is it better to do and regret than to regret not having done. Interpretations can be selected are different, but the result came down to the fact that in this direction work started.

Dima volunteered to write a few songs for Sasha. She has resumed intensive training vocals, started attending acting school, working with a number of experienced and recognized artists-teachers. Progress did not wait and now with a sinking heart, singer crosses the threshold of a professional recording studio to record their debut. The result was the first collaboration of the author D.Klimashenko and singer Sasha Ray - the song "Pain-Love»

The result has inspired and gave new impetus to the chosen path. It was decided to finish school, get an education and to concentrate on his music project. All relatives know Sasha as a person demanding, responsible and thorough. She looks like an angel, but for her touching fragility concealed energy, hard work, strength of will and erudition. This approach is helping her in any case. And there is no doubt that making the first steps in the Ukrainian show business, having a clear goal and gathered around him a full team of professionals it and in this field get lucky, and her style is positioned as a luxury pop-dance will resonate with the broad masses of fans Music.

By the way, decisive character Sasha confirms the fact that from the beginning all the responsibility for the success of your project, it takes over, while maintaining their independence from the dictatorship albeit authoritative, but rather of format producers. His personal authority Sasha Ray is going to win the production and execution of high-quality songs, meets all the highest standards of modern European show business.