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Ruslan Nigmatullin

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This composition is very quickly gained high positions in the radio charts of our country, and Ruslan were actively invited to tour. For 3 years of touring, he played about 200 concerts in major cities of Russia, and was of great interest to himself as a DJ at foreign promoters. Today, his fiery speeches were a great success in the US, Spain, Israel, Germany, Turkey, and only expanding geography.

Besides club gigs, the schedule is filled with Ruslan status events and presentations. So, he was officially invited to DJ at parties Audi, Davis Cup, Soho Stars, BMW and others. During his musical career as a composer Ruslan released a series of successful dance tracks, including the super-hit "Symphony", "Sunrise", "Relax Relax", "Equinox", "OMG" and the latest "I Feel You Love». Ruslan Nigmatullin musical achievements earned him an exclusive contract with the largest and most influential record company Russian "Gala Records", cooperates with the top performers (Maksim, Nyusha, Dan Balan, Dima Bilan, Bianca, Infiniti and others.), As well as her concert division "Gala Concert", the artist performing the booking.