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Regina Todorenko


She was born June 14, 1990 in the sunny city of Odessa in a family of very creative people. His childhood spent in the studio theater, dance class, the lessons of vocal and pandora. Learn to love, I graduated from high school with honors in 2007.

  Also in 2007 she entered the Faculty ONMU on "Organization of transport and systems".

  In 2010 he entered the Cnooc. MM Poplavskiy, he received a master's degree theater.

  He began his career in the big world of show business in 2008 with "Star Factory 2", after which she became a soloist of the group Real O. As part of girl group received the first Golden Gramophone award for the best songs, videos and so on.

  In 2009, as a songwriter started to cooperate with the composer Ruslan Quinta. This tandem written many beautiful songs: the anthem of the popular show "Minute of Fame (8th season)," Sofia Rotaru "I'm sorry", Vitaly Kozlovsky "Absent the sky," Masha Sobko "Anyway," "My love," Gra "Thank you Mom "Tatiana Chubarov" I sell ", Open Kids" Show gelz "Masha Goya" Popolam "Elena Laptander" In your heart, "" Just hold, "Natalya Bardo" Bardo ", Real O" Snow "," Get out FIG, "" Christmas trees ", INDI" Crystals ", etc.

  In 2014, Regina became the leading travel-show "Heads and Tails" and went into a long colorful journey around the world, and this has been so far. Hobbies: drumming, practice yoga, collecting money in countries where visited; He wants to play in a movie by Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino.