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Declared in 2012, the group "Quintessence" has come a long way to the release of the first album "Us no "(2017). The musicians were in constant search, not were afraid to experiment with different genres, own performing skills. The first studio album combines a very different in style and mood of the song.

Classical musical education of members of Quintessence allows Use a fairly complex melodic and harmonic language. All this, combined with gloomy, non-trivial texts, gives A special atmosphere that can be experienced as during a living performance, and on studio recordings.

The debut clip was shot on The new composition "Do not disappear", written in the summer of 2017 and is a new stage in the group's work. From a fairy tale and abstract images present in many songs of the first album, the band came to be more realistic and tough. In the song musicians have tried to reflect the torment of the soul of a person, lonely and rushing, trying not to lose oneself in the cycle of life large city. The director of the video very delicately felt mood of music and reflected it in the story. "Do not disappear" will enter into second studio album, the release of which is scheduled for 2018 year.