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Sincere, his impressive drive and crazy energy - participants of the TV project "Golos2" Sushina Valery Astapov Kirill and against all rules and stereotypes, are reviving the true beauty of music and emotions, living in it!

Astapov Kirill project participant "X-Factor", "Factor A", "Show # 1" has already managed to conquer the audience with the hit "You're My Only", written together with Irina Dubtsova. And the song "U want 2 kill me", which premiered on the stage of the TV project "Dances on TNT", has found an echo in the hearts of thousands of viewers and does not lose popularity in the network. However, hardly worth the wait less from the creator of a unique musical accompaniment two seasons of the acclaimed project. Valery - the muse and lover of Cyril, with the appearance on the stage of the project "The Voice", has become the standard of beauty and talent to millions of women in our country, its video and photo are gaining thousands of views in the Internet. The owner of the stunning voices and flawless appearance, truly fall in love with, and their performances on stage. As Valeria known collaboration with T-Killah. The song "Intro", recorded by Leroy became the capital in the new album "Drink." Valerie's voice captured the audience of many millions of the popular Internet vlogs "Diary Hacha" in the filming of which she took part.

In March 2016 the group "Against the rules" introduced a new single, "I'm sorry", already well-known professionals in show business. The first song sounded on the project "5 stars" in Yalta, and was highly praised by the judges of the competition structure, including Victor Drobysh, Igor Matvienko, Yuri Antonov, Iosif Kobzon, Leonid Agutin and other masters of show business.

Bright couple has managed to conquer the best areas of the country. They can shake any stage, the audience feeling and atmosphere of the event. Actively participate in large-scale concerts and charity events are frequent guests on the air TV programs.

Their performances begin with a declaration of love to each other and to the public, and ends live communication with the audience, dancing and pouring hot water. "Against the rules" - a project that is doomed to success after the premiere of the first song. No doubt, this couple - will be the most striking discovery this year.