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Amarkhuu Borkhuu

The winner of the TV project "People's Artist-3" Amarkhuu Borkhuu born in Mongolia. Soon his father offered based circus in the Republic of Buryatia, and the family moved to Ulan-Ude. Music lessons began at Amarhuu from the first days of school. It was then that he was invited to the folklore ensemble House of culture of railwaymen.

But when he heard one album «Backstreet boys», the boy realized that his calling - pop music. Classes at the studio pop vocal "Accent", clockwork energy and colorful oriental appearance allowed Amarhuu quickly gain fans. In 6th grade took the young talent in the Buryat State National Theatre of song and dance "Baikal". Amarkhuu Borkhuu grateful to my first vocal teacher Pahomova Natalia and the head of the studio "Accent" Goganovoy Galina.

Prior to participation in the project "People's Artist-3" the young man was a whole school of inter-regional and national competitions, which consistently ranked first. Take part in the "People's Artist" Amarhuu long hesitated, thinking that he had not enough experience. Only the third season of friends persuaded him to go to a casting in Irkutsk.

Despite the victory in the competition, Amarkhuu Borkhuu not going to stop there. He is very critical of himself, believing that he has a lot to learn.

In 2006, the young singer became a soloist of the group "Prime Minister".

Basil Kireev

This handsome came to conquer Moscow from Saratov, where he was born and spent most of his life. Where he also received his musical education - he graduated from the Saratov music school. Contests loved always confidently won, giving the impression of a man who "will go far." Part of the reward for Vasya was the Audience Award. Apparently, in the hall always present ladies. Relatives of the predicted position of a judge Basil, pointing to the high-pitched "scanning" view, which later helped the young talent on stage to keep contact with the audience.

Moving from town to town, performing a variety of songs in a variety of groups, Basil wanted to achieve something more, so at the first opportunity the young actor went to the capital of our country.

Bob said - everything whatever he wanted, always work. But for all the goals takes time, faith in their abilities and a great desire. Despite being very busy, Basil is the time for your favorite hobby - exotic plants. He was confident that they have a soul and they can talk.

Basil is very witty and artistic. Writes music in the evenings and is not life without love.

Since 2006, Vasily Kireev became the lead singer of "Prime Minister".

Sergey Demyanchuk

Sergey Demyanchuk six years worked in the studio of folk singing. Independently mastered the piano and guitar. Externally graduated from music school, piano (red diploma) and entered the Kiev variety and circus college. At the age of 15 years took part in the children's contest "Slavic bazarchik" (Odessa), which won first place.

Thanks to the victory in Ukrainian national contest "Song Vernissage" the young actor got a ticket to the international competition "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk, which was awarded the (third prize). In the early 2000s Sergei - soloist project "Sergei One" (the word "One" accent on the first syllable). In the search for new material became acquainted with Taras Demchuk and repertoire "Sergei Odin" were two songs by this author.

In 2005, Taras suggested Sergei take part in the project "Russia" channel "The secret of success." In the same year Sergei Demyanchuk entered into a new composition of the group "Prime Minister".

Taras Demchuk

Like many musicians, thirst for music has appeared at Taras at a young age. At 5 years old, he found his father's accordion and taught himself to play on it, picking up various melodies by ear. Not surprisingly, the school amateur young star literally "ripped" - he sang in the choir, performed as a soloist, playing in a band, which he founded.

Taras graduated from music school, piano for 5 years (instead of 7), and then entered the second year of the Rivne music school. In the same school once studied composer Kim Breitburg. Taras began writing songs still in school, and the school recorded his first track and immediately got on the local TV.

After graduating from college in 1998, he entered the Kiev Conservatory (NMAU - National Music Academy of Ukraine). There had to persevere, so the stage and performances put on the backburner. But writing has become bigger, better and more professional. At the same time began working with well-known Ukrainian and Russian artists as a writer and composer. Soon this led to an acquaintance with Eugene Fridlyand and Kim Breitburg whose cooperation continues to this day. In the first year of joint work Taras was written about 25 songs for Alexei Goman, Alexander Panaytova, Alexey Chumakov and groups "Assorti".

Since 2005, Taras became a member of the group "Prime Minister" and took an active part in the creation of her new musical repertoire.