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The group Plastika (Plastika / plastic) is formed by 11 September 2001. History of the group until 2008 detailed in the interview with Alexey Rakitin. [1] In 2008, the musicians felt cramped in one guitar music, and was transformed into Plastika Plastika_project, which included two musical formation.

The first - actually Plastika. Under this name, the project release albums live, guitar music.

Second - AntiVUAL. Under this name, the project deals with electronic, synthetic and experimental music. There were mixed styles such as: electronic, alternative, new-wave, experimental, power-pop, trip-hop. The musicians themselves call their project "ruthless pop music».

From August 2009 to April 2010 the Group produced Plastika Leonid Burlakov., It is a contract with VelvetMusic. At the same time there is a new team member - guitarist Oleg Belousov. The first song of Plastika heard on the radio "Mayak" radio MAXIMUM. Plastika is involved in "Doubles run" and becomes a finalist RAMP-2009 Underground Act nomination year.

In April 2010, Plastika completed work on their debut album, which included 14 songs. Recording took place in the studios and RSSU «Vintage». Sound-producer of the album was Andrei Samsonov. In the spring of 2010 he was shot the first official video for the song "Rain" (directed Ja'bagh Kaghado / Ja'bagh Kaghado).

In May 2010, Plastika spread a network of maxi-single "Aviation", which contains not only the band's songs, but also additional materials (videos, photos, screensaver, texts, and even scans of manuscripts). Exit full-length album is scheduled for autumn 2010

July 10, 2010 Plastika Group participated in the annual rock festival INVASION.

November 19, 2010 the club held a presentation IKRA and marketed debut album titled "Plastika».

December 31, 2010 the group puts the network in the form of a gift to the audience a new single, "Air».

In the spring of 2011, the network released the album «AV» project AntiVUAL. In the summer of that year the band again performs at festivals and Dobrofest invasion, this time on the main stage.

In November 2011, he left the band bass player Vitaly Golovin. Followed in December, PLASTIKA released mini album "Songs of Fear».