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In early 2009, Dmitry Shurov began work on the opera "Leo and Lea", part of which was announced at the show fashion designer Alena Ahmadullina in Paris. In operation Shurova have an idea to create a private group. The work on the project, dubbed "Pianoboy" helped him Shurova sister Olga, a graduate of the Kiev State Linguistic University.

The first performance in the role of Dmitry Shurov Pianoboya held in September 2009 in the second Moloko Music Fest. In addition, Dmitry and Olga as a backing vocalist, took part in it another backing vocalist Lida Tutuola, guitarist and drummer Ilya Galushko Andriy Nadolsky. Then Pianoboy spoke at the presentation of the collection Lilies Litkovskaya, Seth opened its week of British film and played a concert at the celebration of the birth of Harper's Bazaar magazine in Kiev.

In November 2009, the premiere of the first song, "Smysla.net" on radio and television, and on December 29 2009 in Kiev Pianoboy played his first full solo concert, which was also presented a video for this song. The clip was created by guitarist father, theater artist Alexander Druganova Sr., along with Kiev animator Dmitry Lisenbartom based on drawings of the artist Maria Druganova, daughter Alexandra.

In January 2010, Pianoboy began recording their debut album, and in late February started a club tour in Ukraine . The first group was composed Schurity, Tutuola, Nadolsky and guitarist Alexander Druganov. In February 2011, Pianoboy together with a group of "Boombox" recorded the song "floors." After that, the group began to cooperate with "Music for the Masses" and producer Alexei Sogomonov, who is also the producer of "Boombox". In 2011, it was recorded for the song "Witch", "Weekend", "funneling" and "floors" (the latter with "Boombox»).

In March 2012, Pianoboy thanks to the song "Witch" has won in the category "Discovery of the Year" Award "Chart dozen" Russian radio station "Nashe Radio". In May 2012, the group released their debut album - "Simple Things". The album was released on the label Lavina Music. In August of 2012 Pianoboy with the "boom box" and "TNMK" recorded a cover of Micah and Jumanji "For you" for a concert-tribute, and in January 2013 released a video on the cover.

In September, the 2013th released the album, "Do not stop dreaming." In April 2014 Pianoboy recorded a video for the song "Homeland." In July 2014 a planned concert in Moscow was hit by the government's ban of the Russian capital.