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Singer, composer, poet, one of the outstanding representatives of Russian culture. People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, Chevalier of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland of the Fourth Degree, Chevalier of the Order of Honor of Russia, multiple winner of the "Song of the Year" festival, and the National Ovation Prize, winner of international festivals "The World Music Awards", "Big Apple Music Awards "

Goodwill Ambassador of the UNICEF Children's Fund in Russia, laureate of the Russian Interior Ministry Prize, laureate of the FSB Prize, laureate of the Moscow City Prize and many other festivals, awards and prizes. On May 9, 1998, the Star Star of Oleg Gazmanov was laid on the Stars Square at the entrance to the State Concert Hall of Russia. The
Honorary citizen of Kaliningrad and Saratov.
He is a member of the Writers' Union of Moscow, a public council of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The
Gazmanov's repertoire is notable for its thematic diversity. From lyrics and funny dance songs to deeply patriotic, civic works. At the same time, he easily uses elements of folk, pop and rock music. The
Thanks to bright melodies, poetic images and artistic gifts, a large number of his songs have received a long life and have become truly popular: the squadron, the officers, Esaul, Moscow, Mama, Made in the USSR, My Temple "," The Only One "," My Clear Days "," Moryachka "," Fresh Wind "," Forward, Russia! "And many others. The
Gazmanov's songs unite people of different ages and nationalities, teach good, help them live and bring up love for their country. More than one generation of Russians has grown up on these songs. His songs are sung by more than thirty of the most popular artists of our country. The
Oleg Gazmanov showed himself, as well as the author, director and producer of the programs: "Gentlemen Officers", "Songs of Victory" and many other creative and socially significant projects.
The concert program "Gentlemen's Officers" has been collecting sold out for 10 years on the biggest and most prestigious stages of the country. The song, "Gentlemen Officers", which is heard standing, became a real man's anthem of the defenders of the Fatherland. The song "Moscow" is an unofficial anthem of the capital. The
The project "Songs of Victory" revives songs of the Great Patriotic War, brings us back to the glorious history of our ancestors, collects the most numerous audience. 9th in 2005 in Moscow on Poklonnaya Hill according to the Moscow police department at the concert gathered about one million three hundred thousand people! The
Oleg successfully combines his active creative and concert tours with charity. The
His program "Do not even try," against AIDS and drugs went to the largest cities of the country, collecting millions of rubles to support and treat children born from HIV-infected parents. The
He repeatedly went with solo concerts to support servicemen who live and work on the border of our country, including in Gudauta and Tskhinvali, Tajikistan, and spoke in military hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The
Gazmanov's childhood was spent in post-war Kaliningrad (the former Koenigsberg). Father - professional military, fought, came to Berlin. Mama is a doctor, she finished the war in the Far East. From the first grade of high school he began to study violin at a music school, but got carried away by sports and, despite the congenital heart defect and mum's prohibitions, practiced gymnastics and became a master of sports. Early left without a father. In 1968, after finishing school, he entered the Kaliningrad Higher Marine Engineering College (KVIMU) for the branch "ship refrigerators and plants". In 1973, after graduation, he received a "red" diploma with honors. From the third year I studied science, went to sea. Then, he was invited to work at the department (KVIMU), lectured, wrote a thesis.
At a certain point, when the scientific work was finished, Oleg realized that it was impossible to realize his progressive ideas during the Soviet period of stagnation. Not getting pleasure from his work, he found the courage to leave a successful scientific career and focused on music. The music was always there. Oleg was a member of the most popular group in the Kaliningrad "Atlantic". As a member of the band in 1969 he first performed his song "White Snow", which 20 years later became the song of the year performed by Valery Leontiev. The
In 1977 he entered the Kaliningrad Regional Music College and finished it in 1981. Subsequently, Oleg worked in the VIA "Blue Bird", "Galaxy" and other groups. I wrote music and poetry. His songs were sung by many popular artists. The
July 3, 1981, his son Rodion Gazmanov was born. At six years old, the kid recorded the song of his father - "Lucy", which gained immense popularity. Little Rodion collected numerous sold out in huge stadiums, and Oleg recorded for him an album of children's songs, many of which are still popular. The
In 1989 Oleg Gazmanov recorded the song "Squadron", which becomes mega-popular. She held out for 18 months in the first places of the most prestigious at that time hit the parade of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.
Moscow Luzhniki BSA June 29, 1991 about 70,000 people! Moscow Olympic 1992 - 7 concerts in a row for 15,000 people. Dozens of concerts in the 15 thousandth Olympic in Moscow, SKK in St. Petersburg, stadiums and concert and sports grounds in major cities ... All this continues even now. Group "Squadron" is soon 30 years, and professional performances of Oleg Gazmanov soon 50 years. The
Despite a huge number of hits, which does not fit into a 2-hour concert, Oleg continues to actively create. At the end of 2015, he released two of his albums "Forward, Russia" and "Do not say goodbye to your beloved." Soon there will be another new album.