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The history of the group begins with a child dating Zhenya Galic Mizyukom Denis (1994). Both a great desire to play rock 'n' roll led to the emergence in 1999 of the "pedal", which lasted until 2005. November 4, 2005 in Poltava, was founded O.Torvald. The composition of the team of "Pedals" Eugene went Galich (vocals), Denis Mizyuk (guitar), Alexander Nechiporenko (guitar) and Igor Odaryuk (trombone replaced on bass guitar). Team joined drummer. Within 5 months (2006) the band moved to Kiev and rented a large private house, where the first time, all lived together.

Like all young bands, took part in the competition festivals, in particular acted on GBOB, Ruta, Perlini season Tavria Games. In parallel, the band recorded their songs, many of which have remained in the demo versions. At the end of 2007 in one of Kiev studio «O.Torvald» began recording their debut album, the information entrusted to Sasha Pipi (ex-BB, Attraktor). The CD of the same name «O.Torvald - 2008" was released in May 2008 on the label "Spring Music», the band strengthened its video for the song "Do not zalishay».

After the release of their debut album on O.Torvald talking seriously, the group has become increasingly appear on television, radio and other media. The following video is not removed the song from the album, as the old song "Pochuttya." In early 2009, the American director of Ukrainian origin Alex Baev found O.Torvald group and asked them to remove the two videos. Clipmaker long wanted to create a video for the group from the country. It was decided to make music videos for the song from the album O.Torvald «Kiev-London" and very fresh record "is not loaded." Thus within two months the musicians got two videos. Mass recognition comes after the publication of the group's second album "In Tobi" in September 2011.

The track listing for the album consists of 12 songs, three of them have already taken videos. O.Torvald presented their record in 30 cities of Ukraine during their fall tour, which is called "The Tobi TOUR 2011". The second album, entitled "The Tobi" is quite different from the debut disc. With the arrival of a group of new drummer and bassist sounded different. Since 2011 O.Torvald constantly expanding its concerts and shows. People live is becoming more louder the sound, the girls become sexier and stronger guys. Already in the first half of 2012 the group will continue to give concerts in the cities, which managed to play in the fall. The summer of 2012 is planned speech at the Ukrainian, Russian and European festivals. June 12, 2012 opened the concert «PROSTOROCK» in Odessa, where the headlining made world famous Garbage and Linkin Park. In autumn 2012 came the album "PRIMACY", the latest album of the collective at the moment. In support of the album took place on a nationwide concert tour.