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Behind Denis - St. Petersburg State University (Department of International Journalism), North Ossetian State University (Faculty of Journalism), Institute of civilization (incomplete higher), College John Huzzle (Hastings, UK). Finalist Comedy Battle, a resident of the project "Do not sleep" (TV channel TNT). Free time to football, sport bike, reading - "the humanities to the bone." Sings with 6 years old when inspired QUEEN. Traveled almost half the world, and is afraid of cockroaches ... flying. Always wanted to form his own group. Their future with the fate of "O" Genri "has a large and very immodest plans to conquer the world music" O'Genri "Loves work of Guy Ritchie, Cameron Polanika and Tarantino. Of his favorite writers Marquez, Remarque, Capote, Fitzgerald and Maugham. Is still a huge fan of the legendary "Queen" considering the standard of Freddie Mercury rock musician, singer and entertainer with a capital letter. Prefers Brit-rock and having fun covering her body with tattoos.

Maxim has a diploma State Musical College of pop and jazz Art (GMUEDI), he and Master (diploma MGUKI). Almost no free time, but if it appears, tries to pay his closest people - his son, his girlfriend and friends. Engaged in hockey and boxing. Favorite movies Maxim lot of directors allocates K.Tarantino. Maxim specialties - pasta, potatoes and kebab. He reads a lot, loves the works by Chekhov, Dostoevsky, often listens to Linkin Park, M. Tariverdiyeva creations. As a child, was nicknamed Wolf - "my eyes are too blue." Excited about visiting Thailand and Vietnam.

Education Eugene - pop-jazz college culture (GMKEDI) MGUKI (bass guitar). Jogging and swimming. Eugene dream - a world tour with "O. Henry". Sings with 15 years. Does not like to cook. As a birthday gift would be happy to get ... another bass. As a child wanted to be a lifeguard. Life motto - do it yourself! To achieve success, you want to intentionally and love, sure Zhenya. Writes poems and music: inspire creativity musicians world-wide and the legendary group. The minimum program for the next five years - a tour of America and Europe with a group of O'Genri.

Egor finished Orenburg State Pedagogical University ("Management"). Engaged in boxing, loves hockey. Favorite subject at school was literature, unloved - mathematics: "I think everything is clear, no need to explain" - smiling man. Favorite filmmakers - F.F.Koppola, Coen Brothers, E.Kusturitsa, many favorite writers. Listening to "rock the different degrees of hardness, country-pop-rock, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov." As a child, was nicknamed "Dragon - so all Yegorov called!". "Dragon" dreamed of becoming a knight. His favorite expression - "Nothing, I tripped on a rock, and by tomorrow everything will heal ...".

Cyril - a graduate of the Saratov Regional College of Arts, he studied at the State Classical Academy. Maimonides, now - the Moscow State University of Culture and Art (everywhere - Class "pop-jazz piano"). Passionate about hockey, snowboarding, skating, surfing, tennis. Listens "grouping Leningrad", Zemfira, N.Noskova, Guru Groove Foundation, Scriabin, Alfred Schnittke. Plan for the future - "do finally own music production, to stand up in a wave-tube, and, of course, the family J». The school did not like drawing. He wanted to play music from years 3, 8 asked to take him to a music school. Good luck amulets calls synthesizers. Loves to visit the Russian Arctic. Cyril interested in the future ... and the heyday of the Roman Empire.