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It all started in November 2006. Michael Nokarashvili and Cyril Matyushenko, graduated from music school in Belarus, join an existing group called "Cephas", which included recording their debut album.

Talented and extraordinary parties interested in leading people in the Belarusian show business. Composition "Cephas" are the main stations in the rotation of the country, the team performs on stage with stars of Belarusian music. Huge success and popularity of musicians opens the door to new projects, but Misha and Cyril see for themselves low "ceiling" of the Belarusian show business, the guys big dream - to be "the world group." Later, Michael and Cyril decide to move to Moscow. The remaining members of the band "Cephas", not accepting this idea, remain in Belarus.

In Moscow Michael and Cyril gain new composition. In the first group comes keyboardist - Sergey Shubin. After a time, the participants are introduced to the drummer Andrey Ivanov, who at that time ended College of Music in Moscow. Next, the group joins guitarist Alexander Gerasimov, who at that time was only 16 years old.

So it all started again, only this time in November 2007 in Moscow, when the group first performed the song "Glass of the soul", which later became the hallmark of the group and bring her immense popularity.

At that time, the team included:

Nokarashvili Michael - lead singer and band leader (in the group to this day)

Matiushenko Cyril - vocals, arrangements, electronics (in the group to this day)

Karina Pilipenko - bass guitar (left the band in the summer of 2008)

Alexander Gerasimov - guitar (left the band in the summer of 2010)

Andrey Ivanov - drums (in the group to this day)

Sergey Shubin - electronics (left the band in late 2010)

In February, the band released their first CD - single of the same name "Glass of the soul", which sold over 3000 copies.

In the summer of 2008 the band went on tour "Summer in the midst of the World" in cooperation with the youth organization of "My Generation". The tour visited 42 cities of the CIS, in which the band performed as a head-liner. In this round NUTEKI gained experience and gained popularity.

In the spring of 2008 the band wins contest at the Moscow Festival "is designed to be first." For the team it was a great victory - because at that time all members of the group was 16-18 years!

NUTEKI autumn light up the idea of shooting the video for the song "Glass Soul." Realization of the idea of the clip was costly. It was absolutely not clear how to shoot video, because the group consisted of normal children, all of whom were the most common, is not too well-off parents. But NUTEKI always been his tenacity! And in January 2009 the band takes the debut video for the song Glass soul. Helicopter shooting, shooting in the middle of the lake with a diameter of 12 kilometers, in the middle of an ice desert ... - still while watching a clip from this shudder.

Release the clip and its rotation on some TV channels CIS are starting a new wave of popularity.

All this time the band performed in clubs in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev, narabatyvaya currently a growing number of fans. In February 2009, NUTEKI sent on his first solo tour, which has already performed a full-fledged solo concert of 13 songs.

In May this year, the recording of 3 video clips «Unplugged».

In June, the band released their first EP "You + I" with the lead single "You + I". And in summer 2009 Nuteki snovo go on tour "Summer in the midst of the World" has only 47 cities of the CIS.

In autumn 2009 the band continues to perform in clubs of Moscow and Minsk.

January 2010 - a new milestone in the life of the group. Within 45 days of negotiations with the producer center «NOX-music» but rather with his producer Joseph Prigogine. Only after 45 days the parties were able to agree on a mutually beneficial basis and decide to sign a contract on mutual cooperation.

In spring 2010, the group began to record the long-awaited album. It is surprising that all the time before NUTEKI successfully performed continuously acquire new fans, even without a single album - after recording a full CD costly. And here again the group decided to take a risk and start to write their own album «Digital Dreams». Summer NUTEKI organized shooting the video for all the fancy song "YOU + I". In the shooting were students of Theatre University of Minsk, the script clip musicians came up with themselves. Video shot in the Belarusian field. At minimum cost and limited time video became popular with the fans, and in turn the magazine «BRAVO» praised the new clip as the most romantic video of the year.

Also in the summer NUTEKI again goes on tour to 12 cities in the tour of the CIS "Summer in the midst of the World", playing a few gigs in the largest camps of the Krasnodar Territory and at several major festivals on the coast of the Crimea.

Autumn 2010 - the time of release of their debut album "Digital Dreams". The first week - nearly 1,000 copies of the album sales, which is phenomenal for the market CD sales in the music industry in the CIS in 2010, especially for the beginner group.

And as autumn 2010 the band went in the first round of Ukrainian cities and towns visited by about 12 concerts.

In December 2010, NUTEKI gave a big concert in Minsk, which accounted for more than 1,000 fans and fans of the group.

In January 2011 NUTEKI opened New Year performance in the prestigious Moscow club "16 tons".

On the pages of teen magazine «BRAVO» NUTEKI regularly appear with interviews and stories about the news.

In spring 2011 the band recorded the first demo of the song "Clowns". No promises song, which was released in the fall guys will identify, later becomes fatal in the history of the group. The song opens for children from NUTEKI door to Western music world.

Summer shooting clip clown release is delayed for 8 months and will be released in June 2012.

2011 has contained a lot of concerts for NUTEKI. But the most significant was the tour «The Big Clowns Show» in Ukrainian cities, dedicated to the presentation of the single "Clowns".

At the concerts of the tour group presented its first LIVE SHOW. In this tour NUTEKI went with a truck specialized light and sound. For the group it was the first experience of playing on this scale.

In late 2011, the group filed an application for selection in the famous Eurovision Song Contest. As a result NUTEKI reached the semifinals.

In February 2012, surprised the world NUTEKI release a new acoustic album «Unplugged # 1." In this role group, no one expected to see, because all were concerned about the release of the legendary single "Clowns".

In the same period, in support of the new album the band released the video "Do not be silent - piano version».

A month later was released clip of «Stars» with the song in English. This is the first song NUTEKI, released in English.

Summer NUTEKI plan release of the single and the video Clowns, and complete the creation of english promo pack for Western music labels, which will include 5 songs in English, 2 video clip and several Live video. And in the winter of 2012 NUTEKI going to visit the United States for the first time.

Composition NUTEKI in the making group changed several times. NUTEKI passed through such people as:

Alexander Gerasimov - was guitarist in the period from November 2007 to the summer of 2010.

Sasha left the band due to personal decision to continue their studies with a possible admission to one of the universities muzukalnyh USA. Then he was replaced by former guitarist of the St. Petersburg group "Soup Culture" - Igor Narbekov. Igor had been in the group for long.

Igor Narbekov - the guitarist who replaced Alexander Gerasimov summer of 2010.

NUTEKI left at the resumption of the work of his former band "PAF-culture." And he was replaced by former guitarist of the Nizhny Novgorod group «Pumpkin Blues» - Alexander Naumov.

Alexander Naumov - ranked guitarist NUTEKI instead of Igor Narbekova in January 2011. The group today.

Karina Pilipenko - bass guitarist group was from November 2007 to the summer of 2008, it was replaced by bassist Nizhny Novgorod group «BOG» - Dmitry Beardless, which as a group NUTEKI today

Sergey Shubin - was part of a group keyboardist in the period from 2007 to the end of 2010. Left the band due to a desire to devote themselves to work in the field of video production. In his place NUTEKI did not take the new man.