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Nodar Reviya


Singer luck on the project of the First Channel's voice. Nodar successfully passed all the auditions and participated in the second season. The Jazz Parking made his first appearance in 2013, immediately becoming a resident of the project ...

Nodar Reviya born in Georgia. At the age of three toy Nodar took up the guitar and began to sing the song Gipsy Kings-Bamboleo. The parents realized that their son has an ear for music. He sang everywhere and always, especially loved to sing in trains and buses. Parents have no doubt at the expense of what should devote themselves to Nodar. In Tbilisi, he began to study singing at the "Palace of Pioneers of Georgia" in the well-known teacher Tsitsino Tsitskishvili. It began its first performances, first in the choir, quartet, and then Georgian solo arias. Already in the 8 years he performed at the Philharmonic, in front of a huge audience. In 10 years, the young singer came to Moscow to his father and almost no vocals. For a while, he sang in the choir and Nemirovich Danchenko Stanislavsky. Only 18 years old Nodar began to actively engage in creative work. I went to Tyumen, where he worked on the best venues in the city, and knowing that in Ukraine held a casting for a television show, and a leading producer of which is Philip, packed up and went to Kiev. Becoming the leader of the "Phantom of the Opera" took 2nd place.