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Ironically, the boys met on the Internet, namely in the classmates. They agreed on common interests - music and decided to record a joint track. During the period of the duo appeared hundreds of thousands of fans in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. Their clips consistently gaining millions of views on YouTube, and the song becomes a favorite ringtones of today's youth, because each new song these guys have a bit of soul, which they transmit to all his fans

A strong and determined young man. In the soul - an incurable romantic
outside - a real man with male interests and hobbies. Tamerlane many years of judo, perfect love drives a car and risk. That does not prevent him to be judicious and wise.

The girl in all its forms: sweet and seductive, stylish and indifferent to the whole aesthetic. It is difficult to say that captivates the audience in the first place: an unrivaled vocals or gushing power of beauty.

Tamerlane and Alain Omargalieva - not just talented performers, but also the authors. First joint duet song "Distance" is written on the words of Tamerlane and Alain is the author of many hits of Ukrainian and Russian artists (T.Kilah and Anastasia Kochetkova, Olga Buzova, DJ Smash, Rapper Serge and mn.drugoe).

The real breakthrough for the duo became a hit, "I want you", which was filmed debut video. The shooting took place in the United States, where in April 2010 the boys arrived at the invitation of the American record company Universal. There was also filmed a second video for the song-slogan "Everything will be fine." Tamerlan and Alena recorded a number of songs together with popular artists American RnB-scene: the famous singer Super Sako took part in recording a remake of the track "I want you", the single became a major hit r`n`b summer of 2010, and no less famous and popular Kobe (worked with stars such as Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Akon, Fabolous, Rick Ross
and others) working on the duo's hits.

In July 2011, he released a new video work by Tamerlan and Alena, "You are only my" exploded radio and Internet space: composition won the nomination "Ringtone of the Year". After a couple of months, the duo confirmed its status as a hit-makers of the song "Do not Look Back" music video which was filmed in Turkey.

2012 spring clip for the song «HEY YO» (this year gift from Tamerlan and Alena) became the anthem of all guests! The clip was shot in Los Angeles
popular team «Hollywood Production» and only a week later, finished second (!) By views on YouTube for the world in the category MUSIC.