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Creativity NEL'a - is music, tasteful. Igor (NEL) is usually ranked among the ranks of «intelligent» hip-hop. The track "Moscow" for 32 weeks ranked first in the hit parade Next Fm. In 2005, the NEL, together with his colleague L'One, form a group of «Marselle», which made itself known throughout the country, thanks to the track "Moscow" from the debut album. Having traveled many Russian cities with a tour and admire the public far beyond the capital, «Marselle» took their place in the ranking of the most popular Hip-Hop artists of the country.

In 2008, they released their first mixtape group called «Mars FM», as well as the reality show was launched on the establishment of records on the Internet. In the same 2008 he released a full length album «Mars», in the record which was attended by artists such as BASTA, ST, Teona Dolnikovai Knara and others. He was named the best application of the new Air Force 1, and the song "Moscow" eventually became the soundtrack to the film "Phantom" by Timur Bekmambetov.

In 2009, NEL is involved in producing the album Guf - «House». In 2010, the NEL produced the album of his friend and colleague, the rapper ST - «Na100yaschy».

After the breakup of Marselle group in 2012, NEL works solo and is a sound prodyuserommnogih country artists. In 2012, the track goes XXIV - dedicated to the birth of the artist. In 2013 - the debut video of the year NEL - «drummed»

NEL - Music tasteful. The project of the new generation, with actual sounding Western and deep meaning. Musical "trendsetter" of Russia.

Music Genre: intelligent hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz.