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Pretty Boy

Natasha Rostova


Seeing the list of victories that belong to Natasha, it is difficult to believe that the singer was able to reach such heights in such a short time: the Grand Prix at the "New Wave 2007", participation in Eurovision finals, and even recognition in Hollywood, as she received a gold medal in the category "vocal "at the international competition« World Championship of performing arts »in the United States.

In addition to vocal, charm and beauty of the singer has no boundaries - so, last year, she was named the sexiest woman in Moldova. Natasha was born December 11, 1987 in Chisinau. Since childhood, no one doubted that Natasha will become an actress. In five years, she gave her first concert in 10 years, the debut of Natasha on television. In parallel with studies in school, dance classes and singing in the choir, she studied at the School of Music in piano. Every day, the future star was literally painted by the minute. However, even such a tight schedule did not prevent Natasha achieve the desired result and succeed in everything that she might take. Since childhood, having developed dedication, resourcefulness and desire to conquer new heights - Natasha and in adult life does not stop for a minute.

Having worked as a DJ, a member of the jury of "American Idol" in Moldova, numerous television shows and competitions, Natasha, however, left the title role in the life of his musical career. The singer is fluent in Russian, English, Romanian and French. Performs songs in Russian, English, Romanian, Italian, French, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish and Hebrew. Natasha Rostova today - is an artist, constantly developing its role, she won a lot of scenes: among them America, Europe, CIS and Baltic countries, and now turns singing another country, to conquer that Natasha Rostova dreams for a long time, - Ukraine!