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The first came on the scene in 1976, at the age of three, as part of the Big Children's Choir of Radio and Television of Ukraine. In the same year, at the next congress of the Young Communist League she sang the song "The cruiser Aurora." In seven years, Natasha entered music school, piano, and at the same time in the dance studio folk dance in the choir name Ropes. At age 12, in 1985, at the festival of children's songs Natasha acquainted with composer Vladimir Bystriakov. She recorded his song "World without wonders" and "Where went the circus." The young singer has become very popular in all congresses, government concerts elkah New Year, the Days of the city. It was a great experience for the little Natasha, she learned to be collected, hardy, independent and very hardworking. At the beginning of 1987 in the life of Natasha was the first and only contest "Golden Tuning Fork", in which she participated as a soloist with the Kiev group "Mirage" and became diplomantkoy this competition. In the same year, the composer Alexander Sparinsky specifically for Natasha writes children's musical "In a country of children." In the spring of 1987 the first in the life of Natasha's shooting at Central TV program "Shire Krug". In the summer of 1987 at a festival in the city of Evpatoria on Natasha drew particular attention to music editor of the Central Television in March Mogilev. Natasha leaves her audiocassette with their songs. Subsequently, this cassette will play an important role in the life of Natasha.

In the spring of 1988 Korolev tries his hand as a leading concert program "Kiev Beauty", Academic concert in Organ Hall, International Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics. In 1988-1991, she studied at the Kiev variety and circus school vocal class. In the summer of 1989 as the lead singer of children's rock opera "Peace Child" Natasha goes on tour in the United States. The project was a huge success. From America Natasha brought an invitation to study at the University of Rochester. Soon after, I went to Moscow, to listen to Igor Nikolaev. Among the three contenders, he chooses her, although at first glance Natasha it made no impression. In 1990 he published the song Koroleva "Yellow Tulips", the first song written by Ivan Nikolayev for Natasha, caused very mixed reviews, and that brought her real fame not only in the Soviet Union, but also outside it, gave it to the finals for the first time the festival " Song of the year". In 1992 he took a tour of the singer in Russia with a final concert in the sports complex "Olympic" with the program "Dolphin and Mermaid" in 1993 - a tour of Israel in 1994 - a tour in Germany, in 1997 - in the US (New York ). Participated in many competitions and television programs, including "Christmas meetings", "Morning Post" and others.

In 1990-1997 years on television 13 out videos of the singer: "Yellow Tulips" (M. Mogilev, 1990), "The First Kiss" (I. Pesotsky, 1991), "Under the summer rain" (Vladimirov, 1991); "Why love dies" (I. Pesotsky, 1991), "Kiev boy" (I. Pesotsky, 1994) "Sunflowers" (D. Fix, 1995), "Is it I" (D. Fix, 1995), " A small country "(O. Gusev, 1995)," A peasant with an accordion "(D. Fix, 1996)," magic wand "," Do not die "(Gavrilov, 1997)," Summer castanets "(I. Nikolaev 1997), "Diamonds of Tears" (O. Bazhenov, 1997).

After her divorce from Igor Nikolaev released album "Pieces of the Past", "Heart", "Believe it or not" and "Paradise where you are." In its role as a leading different programs and concerts. She participated in the television project "Dancing with the Stars" in Russia and Ukraine, and in the project "Two stars».

In 2010, he participated in the project "Give Me Life" on TV channel "Russia 1". On June 2, 2012 conducted his own show "Queen Prime" on the NTV channel. The broadcast came only one issue. C September 10, 2012, together with her mother and later with Alexander and Roman Budnikov Oleshko, conducts cooking show "lunchtime" on the First Channel. The show lasted two seasons of television. In the autumn of 2014 the project has not returned to the screens.

In November 2013, there were reports about her departure from the scene. But later this was denied by the singer on her page in Instagram. According to the singer, she stopped only touring (cash concerts), but these days the city performances and other events remain, including corporate performance. This is done in order to come back with a new updated program.

In December, on the screens of television channels is a new music video work titled "stood and cried." Natasha appeared in the movie completely different, new to the viewer that it is not used to seeing in a lyric-dramatic way.