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Natalie Podolskaya was born May 20, 1982 in Mogilev. Was not born alone, but with her sister - twins Juliana. Parents of girls, especially dad really wanted to be born a boy, because in the family already had a daughter, the elder sister Natasha and Julia. There were no signs of "double replenishment." Therefore, when the light all-twins did appear, it was a surprise and a great joy. Girls grow up. While small JUlechka silently looked at the paintings, carpets and chandeliers, her sister Natasha screamed loudly and incessantly, and that engendered the first suspicion that the girl has a voice.

Subsequently, what happened! Not yet started to speak, she began the n-th-t-s. First La-la-la, then Tra-ta-ta, and the first full-fledged song was the product of "By Don Cossack walking young." This happened in 1984, on the way to kindergarten when the performer was only 2 years.

Over the years, Natasha's creative nature developed and strengthened. She made a real costume concerts for all relatives. Six year old girl dressed mother's evening gowns and heels in microphone allows a comb, hairspray and all that came to hand, laughter and joy to the audience. As a result, watching the endless reincarnation daughter in front of a mirror, mother took a nine-year Natasha theater-studio "Rainbow", where she has found true happiness.

There's a girl taught to sing, to dance, to get used to the sound of the microphone on the stage and even make-up. At the age of 9 years old Natasha first appeared on the scene, and it is finally decided her fate.

Singing teacher Natasha were teachers Bordunova Nelly and Vasili Senkov. These people she remembers and loves all his life. When Natasha turned 12, she became a soloist of the first in her life professional team "Double V». With this team Natasha traveled all over Belarus, toured in Germany, Poland, Belgium and other countries. In 1999, Natasha entered the Belarusian Institute of Law and at the same time took part in his first international competition "Golden Hit". At the competition, Natasha took the first place, and the institution graduated with honors. In general, studies in law school does not interfere with Natalya to create. Over 5 years of training Natalia took part in musical competitions and festivals: "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk, «Universetalant» in Prague, ..., where they placed. At one of the competitions Natalia met with People's Artist ... .Tamaroy Grigorevnoj Miansarova who agreed to give her singing lessons. It was the second vocal teacher in the life of the young singer, who taught her very much.

Soon Tamara Miansarova great creative event occurred: a solo concert in the concert hall "Russia" in honor of her personal star tab. To participate in this concert Tamara G. invited his pupil. By a happy coincidence after this concert demo - Natalia drive into the hands of the composer Victor Drobysh. So became acquainted with Natalia future producer.

In 2004 Natalie Podolsky, having a complex casting, got the project "First Channel" "Star 5", a music producer who was a Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva. She became one of the most prominent member of the project, she performed a duet with famous artists: Avraam Russo, group "Dynamite", Sergei Galanin and many others. Have left their mark and familiarity with teachers and project managers: Alla Pugacheva, Lina Arifulin, Marina Leonova, Vladimir Korobko, Sergei Mandrik. At the end of the project she became one of the winners of "American Idol 5" and the only singer released his solo album 'Late' project.

In 2005, she took part in the qualifying competition for the right to represent Russia at "Eurovision". For the first time the country openly vote for their candidate, viewers have chosen Natalia Podolsk with the song Victor Drobysh «Nobody Hurt No One». At the same time was released the single of the same name of the song. The contest was held in Kiev and, of course, was a big event in the life of the singer. At the international competition Natalia ranked 15th. In the same year at the filming of "The Great Race" there have been significant in the life of the singer meeting. Natalia met singer and composer Vladimir Presnyakov. Romance evolved into a true love and a new creative alliance.

In 2007 Natalie Podolsky makes a video for the song "The Firebird" (director Marat Adelshin). In its popular song, "The Firebird" becomes a full replacement times hit "American Idol" song "Late." In the same period, Natalia takes part in global projects "First Channel". In the whole country favorite show "Two stars" Natasha appears together with Andrei Chernyshev (actor). This creates a unique pair of duets in which Natasha revealed acting talent. On the project "Ice and Fire" Natasha Podolsky with his partner Olympic champion Maxim Marinin among the top three, completing the project on the podium, taking the bronze. In this very complex sport and dance show Natasha overcome itself. After all, she's never not professionally involved in sports. In addition, the pair were evaluated and dancing on the dance floor. Giving brilliant dance steps, it was revealed as a very fine romantic nature, delighting the audience and jury. Composer Victor Drobysh specifically for Natasha Podolsky and Volodya Presnyakov was written the song "You and Me", which they performed at many major concerts and events. The video for this song took a friend of Vladimir, director Alexander Solokha. Alliance with the National Music Corporation (Head Victor Drobysh) lasted five years. And now, having gone to the "free floating", Natalia lives an active artistic life: Shoot a video clip, is involved in television projects, a lot of talking to the press, toured, acted in the best glossy magazines. Former producer, Victor Drobysh remained a great friend and mentor artist. And she herself was a pleasant change: Natasha became the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov. The wedding took place in June 2010 in Moscow. Guests were invited to a chic floating restaurant, where they sang and danced till dawn. It was a very musical wedding, fun, informal, in the spirit of the bride and groom.

In the creative life of Natasha does not stand still. She has a wonderful "live" team, without which does not pass a single speech. Many projects. She is constantly working with new musical material. In the period from 2010 to 2012, Natasha took off 3 new clips and recorded 5 new tracks that have become well known and popular. Among them: the video for the song "Pride" (2010) - The history of relations between the two sisters, by the example of Natasha and Juliana Podolsk. This story is tied to the earliest childhood memories, really is psychological, and even tragic in the context of the song. (Directed by O. Gorodetskaya clip). Following this, the next clip is removed, an entirely different character for the song "Intuition". This song is very girlish, playful, flirtatious. Natasha's voice poured bells: "Colo-bells in my head sounded B - flat." Text and mood of the song addressed to Europe, in the city of lovers - Paris. The video turned out bright and non-standard (director S.Tkachenko). The song was played all the summer of 2012 on radio stations of the country.

Also in 2012, Natalia takes a romantic video for the song "Winter". Fabulous snow-covered forest, the charm of the protagonist, the unique beauty of music, overflowing on the background of nature. The video turned out very nice. (Directed by Vladimir Shirokov clip).

Now Natalia is working in several directions. Together with Vladimir, they have created a new duet titled "Kisslorod."

Also a new work made for the movie, is of particular interest. With DJ Smash, they recorded the soundtrack "New World" for the film "12 months".