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At the age of 5, she entered the music school for piano. The
The first song of Natalia, recorded in the studio, was the famous "I'm at your feet." She was sent to audition in Moscow by the arranger of the song Alexei Yakovlev along with his other works. Literally the next day, Natalia got a call and offered a contract, and a week later she was already in the capital.
In 1999, Natalia with the song "I'm at your feet" gets on the qualifying release "Song of the Year" (the first song recorded in the studio).
In the same year 1999 and subsequent 2000, she twice received the Golden Gramophone Award for the song "I'm at your feet", which will later be included in the "Golden Collection" of the best songs of the decade, then twenty years and will take the lead in the hit parade for a long time Of the most executed karaoke songs.
In 2000, Natalia Vlasova was invited by Alla Borisovna Pugacheva to "Christmas Meetings", where the premiere of the second song - "You took offense". Subsequently, Alla Borisovna repeatedly invited Natalia to her projects: interviews, TV programs, programs dedicated to the memories of the "Christmas Meetings". Also, Natalia took part in the filming of her "Star Factory-5" in 2004, performing a duet with the winner of the Victoria Daineko project.
In 2000, the song "Short phrases" appeared, after which Natalia finally established herself on the stage as an individual with a unique musicality and a completely unusual sound.
In 2002, Natalia graduated from the University. Herzen, having received the diploma of the teacher of music on a specialty «Musical education»
In 2002, a duet with Vladimir Presnyakov jr. Was recorded. On the song of Natalia "We are in love". The song was recognized as the best duet in 2002 (the First Channel's "High League" concert).
2002-2004 - songs "It's not a matter of separation", "It will be fun" and "Know" were widely heard on the air of leading radio stations and TV channels.
In 2004, the song "Beslan" was released, for which in 2005 Natalia Vlasova was awarded the medal "For Charity". In 2004, the song "Everything at your feet (My Beloved City)" was released on the motif of the song "I'm at your feet".
2008 - the premiere of the song "Maybe", over the special sound of which worked Yu.Usachev (Guests from the future).
2009 is the first big solo concert in St. Petersburg and the release of the most beloved audience "I would sing to you", and later a concert video for this song.
In April 2010, Natalia became the winner of the contest-festival "Spring of the romance" with the song "I will give you a garden", and in May - receives the title and diploma of the winner of the contest "The Spring of Victory" for the best patriotic song (First Channel, "Nastasya" To the music of N.Vlasova and the words of S.Kharin, the chairman of the jury is Alexander Pakhmutov).
In May 2010, Natalia wrote music for the movie "School for the Fatties" (in the main role Anna Ardova) on the channel Russia-1, and the song "Love - Comet" was loved not only by the viewers of the channel.
Since 2011 Natalia Vlasova - student RUTI GITIS in the workshop of People's Artist of the USSR and artistic director of the Moscow Theater. MN Ermolova of Vladimir Andreev and Alexander Barmak.
In 2012, Laura Quint was invited to the role of Mercedes in the musical drama "I am Edmond Dantes" (directed by Yegor Druzhinin, starring Dmitry Pevtsov, N. Vlasova, Evdokia Hermanova, Yuri Mazikhin, Anna Nevskaya and others). < Br> In 2012, the release of the double author's album "The Seventh Sense", which included two discs ("The Seventh Sense-1" and "The Seventh Sense 2"), which presented two main musical directions. The first includes songs created in the best traditions of popular music, and the second - live sound and acoustic minimalist authorship: voice, piano, guitars, saxophones, flute, percussion - all that so fell in love with the audience in solo concerts.
From the same year, Natalia becomes a permanent member of the jury of the musical direction of the Russian Student Spring.
2013 - the release of a new song and video "Prelude" with the participation of Dmitry Pevtsov, who in the first days of viewing gathered more than 100,000 views and got into the rotation of the central music channels.
In early 2014 Natalia initiated a creative action to support Zhanna Friske and children with cancer. Within a month, in social networks, the protesters wrote support words with a hashtag # zhanazhivi and recorded a video with the song "Jeanne, live! Jeanne, dance! "(Music / by N. N. Vlasova). The result of the action was a video that united the videos of all the participants, and after a while on the official website of Zhanna Friske the singer's response appeared to the participants of the action, where she warmly thanked them for their support.