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From her father she inherited a love of singing, she learned to play the guitar, composing songs and singing in all companies, pioneer camps, at the prom, where she was invited high school students. She sang always and everywhere, wherever it was possible. She has participated in various competitions, I won. Quite early married, she gave birth to a son, Alexei. She studied jazz vocals in the studio. And dreaming, dreaming to enter the professional scene, where were her idols Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru and Lyudmila Senchina.

In 1991, two albums were recorded. One was called "We only need to dream." There were songs written Lemokh Sergei (group «Car-Man») to the words Natalia Gulkina ( "This is China", "Ivanhoe" and others.), As well as songs by Oleg Molchanov (Group "Mission") to words of Arkady Slavorosova. And the second album - solo album Natalia Gulkina "Angel Day". There were only songs tandem Molchanov - Slavorosov. Since 1992, the group of dancers appeared. The team has come a talented young dancer and promising choreographer Sergei Mandrik. For several years, the dancers have changed many times, but by 1995, defined the basic structure: Sergey Mandrik Maxim Nedolechko aka «Pepsi», Vladimir Suvorov and Arayik Martirosyan. This quartet was named «Street Jazz». Natalia Gulkina worked with «Street Jazz» until 2001.

In 1993, Natalia founded the school-studio "New Generation" for gifted children on the basis of the MDGs "Constellation" in the Southwest. Studio successfully works today. Students are engaged in studio vocals, modern choreography and acting.

In 1995, Natalia enters GITIS (now RATA-GITIS) in the first Faculty of Variety Arts majoring Director pop-mass spectacles to People's Artist of Russia exchange rate Nikolaev Andrei Nikolaevich, the world-famous clown Andrew, the owner of the circus Oscar. This talented actor and director learned skills such stars as AB Pugacheva, Lyme Vajkule, Efim Shifrin, and many others. But the circumstances are such that in 1997, Natasha transferred to the acting department and continues to learn on the course to the famous talented director, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia David G. showers. In 1999, Natalia Gulkina successfully completes GITIS with a degree of dramatic theater and movie actress.

In 1996, there is an album of Natasha "Dancing City" after a long break. Natasha is in a creative search, so the album, in addition to songs and Lemokh Molchanov, there are songs and young unknown authors to the public - Rafael Safin and Lyubov Lyubovtsovoy. On the title track of the album "Melody of Love" director Andrei Shcherbakov was withdrawn clip, which was attended by dancers and «Street Jazz». And in December of the same year at the Moscow Youth Palace (MDM) held recitals Natalya Gulkina dedicated to the 10th anniversary of creative activity. Specifically to participate in the show were invited to two dance group "Krim's" and "Glitter". "New Generation" program also took part in the pupils of the school-studio.

In 1997-1998. Natasha is working on an album tentatively titled "Sail dream." The album attended by State Academic Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra. Tchaikovsky n / a VI Fedoseyev, conductor Vladimir Pon'kin, as well as many professional musicians. The album has not yet been published, but Natasha believes that he will definitely see the light, just all the time.

In 2000, begins the return of disco music. This wave made remix and removed the clip for the song "Sunny Summer" from the first album "Mirage". The director and music video director Viktor Konisevich invited to the role of the protagonist racer Alexey Dudukalo Russian champion racing. He acted in the movie and racing car Formuly3 on which Alex participated in numerous competitions. At the same time recorded two remix'a to "Mirage" lyrics - "I do not want to" and "Mad World." Natasha continues to tour.

year 2001. In place of the talented guys from the «Street Jazz» come at least «Mobius» talented ballet girl. Choreographer Natalia Tomashevskaya in 1997-1998. also I worked in «Street Jazz». Working together with the ballet «Mobius» continued until January 2005. 2002. ambitious project "Autoradio" called Festival "Disco 80" starts in November. Return of disco has no one no doubt. Natalia Gulkina at the invitation of the organizers taking part in the first festival with remix'ami on the song "Disco" and "Mad World." Natalia actively touring the country. 2004. Natalia Gulkina acquainted with Margarita Suhankina, who recorded three songs in the first album and subsequent albums "Mirage." Two creative people come together in a project called Golden Voice group "Mirage". Over the years, the project involved the dance team «WA», «Scotch», «VIP». In 2006, in the concert hall "Russia" held a solo concert golden voice. Currently, the project has received the name of the group of composer Andrew Lityagina "Mirage" - Natalia Gulkina and Margarita Suhankina.

But in an extraordinary creative personality, Natalia mass of various plans and new projects. Here we only put three dots, because the story does not end there. It starts a new round. After all, as we know, history is cyclical ...

And there is still a lot of interesting!