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Nastya Kraynova


But the more the general public recognized her on "American Idol." It was there that Nastia has proved itself as a person and as a professional singer. It is the "Star Factory" Kraynova sang a duet with such masters as Valery Meladze Leshchenko, Natalia Oreiro and other stars of Russian and foreign show business. At the end of the show, one of her solo numbers he was recognized as the best. After completion of the project producer and composer Victor Drobysh were selected from all the participants show, only four of the brightest and talented girls and created a group "Tutsi". First song the band called "very, very", "blow up" the charts of popular radio station, received three "Golden Gramophone" in Moscow, Almaty and Kiev. In 2004, "Tutsi" were nominated for MTV Russia Music Awords as the opening year.

As part of the collective Nastya participated in the best television programs, shows and concerts at major venues and celebrations of the country: "New songs about the main", "Old songs about the main", "New Year's Eve", "Good morning", "wall to wall" "Fashion sentence", "Army shop", "Let Them Talk", "Health", proms, "You will not believe" (incidentally Nastya only one of the stars of Russian show business, which has agreed to jump off a bridge), "Rush Hour" "The Dinner Party", "Mafia", "Stylistics", "volunteered at the Muse," "Life is Beautiful", "Children's pranks", "Comedy Club", "Killing League", "Intuition" and much more. < br>
As an actress Kraynova participated in the filming of TV series and movies like "Happy Together" TNT channel, the first youth TV series "The Club" on MTV, the film "Narrow Bridge", which filmed the first channel. About creative way Nasty and the details of his personal life was told in the most popular media in the country: «Hello», «OK», «Seven Days," "Telenedelya", "Women's secrets», «Yes», ​​«Yes Star", "Glamour" "Lisa," "She," "Thor beauty", "antenna", "MK", ​​"Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Happy Wedding», «Pent House» and so on. Kra was one of the most prominent member of the group "Tutsi", by the way, under her vocals written most of the songs. Nastia is very stylish, creative, punctual man to madness. She was used to independently control the selection of costumes, hair stylist and make-up. Anastasia several years professionally engaged in choreography in dance school "Street Jazz". Nastia not only a great singer, but also a full-fledged author of solo songs. Since 2007, the Kra is a student of the Faculty of producer State Gnessin Academy.

In 2010, Nastia has terminated the contract with Victor Drobysh on their own, for a solo career. Today the singer is a full-fledged solo artist, whose name is Nastya Kraynova!