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Russian group "My Michelle", counting oneself tradition dancing direction, today acquired a reputation as one of the most interesting and vibrant teams of his generation. Characteristically, "My Michelle" least seeks to limit ourselves with any one musical flow. In his non stop dancing from the pop they can easily pass to the rock, and then easily go on a disco.

New music band that was to become a dance group, began the struggle for existence in 2009. To know each other even in the Far East, each member of the group, despite his young age, has already had a good musical background is. The influence of Eastern culture brought into creative team irreplaceable flavor in shaping melodies and rhythmic patterns - is allocated "My Michelle" among other musical groups.

Sense of style, unusual vocal, thoughtful musical arrangements inspire many who hear their music. Each composition - a drive, a tsunami of positive emotions, where salvation - dancing! That is why any concert of "My Michelle" takes place in the mode: "As long as the music - continues to dance ... dance and do not stop" (c).