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It is a clip Mummy Troll "Vladivostok 2000" began broadcasting MTV Russia, the group received a "Golden Gramophone", represented Russia at "Eurovision" contest, annually becomes the owner of the most prestigious awards in the field of music and show business.

It Mummy Troll Ilya Lagutenko - founder, ideologist and inspirer of the "most marine" Russian group - year after year doing something that to them, no one dared. They remove the clip in the crater of an active volcano in Kamchatka, advocate, received special permission command of the Russian Navy, on the deck of anti-submarine ship "Kerch", give a free concert New Year for all passengers at the Moscow airport.

The first album, "Sea" (1997) brought her recognition and superuspeh listeners. Today Mummy Troll ten studio albums, more than fifty clips and several generations of fans who are looking forward to new songs and enthusiastically take in concerts favorite hits.

Geography Mummy Troll concerts for over 15 years covering all Russian cities, from Kaliningrad via Moscow, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East to the most - the birthplace of the Far tireless ambassadors of rock 'n' roll in the world. Ilya Lagutenko and his team have given more than a hundred concerts in South-East Asia, North and South America, Europe. On board the sailboat Rosrybolovstva "Sedov" Mummy Troll musicians traveled around the world: 14 months held dozens of concerts in Europe, Asia and Africa; in South Africa (Cape Town), they became the first Russian group, speaking in this distant land.

Mummy Troll has created a unique musical style, exquisitely citing events of political and cultural life of the country and the world in his songs. Their catchy lyrics and raised in the minds of the listeners deep associations, based on their personal experience. With each new album, the band open up new listeners cultural layers and horizons, become agents in the "rare earth" and other worlds. Using the latest technology, the group carries out successful projects with companies such as Google, Gibson, with representatives of contemporary art all over the world.

Frontman Ilya Lagutenko sings in Russian, English and Chinese, to the delight of the audience in different countries, writes books, is the patron of the Russian-British Fund for the protection of Amur tigers and Far Eastern leopards "Cupid."

Repeatedly taking part in international festivals and conferences around the world, from the United States and Europe to China and Mongolia, the group has established its own festival - Vladivostok Rocks (V-ROX). The festival is held annually in the capital of Primorye and collects hundreds of participants and guests. This promoters and record label representatives, journalists, photographers and, of course, the young group. The whole city is involved in the festival movement: concerts, and lectures are held in the city's most popular clubs and areas known musicians give free workshops. Young musicians from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, China, South Africa and teams from Russia and communicate a unique opportunity to share experiences and build international cultural relations.

"Our musical journey has just begun, and who knows where it will lead us to you," - says Ilya Lagutenko, every album, every new song and video surprising fans.