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Funny (Batman)



Songs MMDANCE - a reflection of the events of his own life groups and the lives of everyone. Light and positive compositions, including the popular "Saturday» (remix by DJ SMASH), «a rest", "Christmas", "bath", "Friends" - create our mood at work with colleagues and friends on holidays!

In August 2012, exactly one year after the creation of the group, thanks to viewers song "Saturday" came in first place in all the body of the charts of Ukraine ("Hyde hits FM-TV Ukraine" (40 channels), "NaVsi100" (50 channels) TOP-11 (Ru-music), Top 10 (Star-tv), M20 (channel M1)) and crossed the border of Ukraine. "Saturday" was played at discos in Russia, Egypt, Israel and Turkey.

Now the band members remove new clips and prepare their first album, which is promising musicians, will take its rightful place in the audio collection of lovers of good pop music.