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Mitya Fomin - singer and song writer, director, producer and broadcaster. Winner of the "Golden Gramophone" and the festival "Song of the Year", multiple nominee and winner of Muz-TV and RU.TV.

Mitya (Dmitry Anatolyevich) Fomin was born in Novosibirsk in the family associate professor of the Institute of Communications (Father Anatoly Danilovich) and engineer of patent (mother Tamara). The actor admits that he always knew who would be - from childhood he "played the artist," she sang a pop record. But before you start career of the artist, was the Novosibirsk Medical Institute, does not attempt to meet the expectations of working musician in America, returning to his homeland, moving to Moscow, admission to the acting department VGIK.

Mitya Fomin's musical career began in 1998 with a group of Hi-Fi. The first song - "not given" and "Homeless" - instantly conquered the top of the charts and gave the band members the crazy popularity. 10 years in the Hi-Fi as a frontman, 4 successful albums with songs that are forever in the history of Russian pop industry, thousands of concerts and millions of fans across the country - this was Mitya result of a collaboration with Hi-Fi.

In 2009, the musician left the band and started his solo career. The cycle of events waited artist at the beginning of their own way, however, determine the success of the singer and the further direction of development of his work output of the single "Everything will be fine" in 2010. The song rose to the third row of the official Russian radio charts, and earned his first prize Mitya "Golden Gramophone" (later rewarded with this prestigious award hit "City Lights»).

The video for the song "All will be well" was Mitin debut as a director. Since then, almost all the work he directs himself. That summer, 2010 the release of their debut album artist "So it will be," and three years later they released their second studio album "Brazen Angel».

Mitya Fomin continues to write songs that come out in support of the future (third) solo album and is sure to become hits. Today, professional and artistic heritage of the artist along with successes solo career - a career of TV presenter on the channel Muz-TV, own project musical circus show "All will be well", producing the rapper StuFF, groups of "Vacation" and "Yen", shooting in several films.

A lot of time and effort to charity work pays Artist: Foundation supports activities helping seriously ill children "Life Line", the shares of McDonald's "MakHeppi Day." In the autumn of 2013 during a trip to Chechnya, where he held a series of concerts, Mitya was awarded the medal "For Distinguished Service", received numerous thanks for her contribution to the cultural and educational work. Recently, it initiates its own charitable projects, including the concert "Songs of Spring, Love and Victory", which will be held April 22 in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War and will mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory.